Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

More than 80 Government MPs leave for Alotau

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told the media at the Jackson’s airport that since the formation of the Government, they haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and discuss their programs with their coalition partners and Members.

“So this is a good opportunity to do that.

“This is not about numbers game. We are going down there to discuss our work program for the next 12 months before the elections.”

Treasury Minister and National Alliance Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, said: “The NA is all about stability and we believe in stability.

O’Neill to seek further legal advice on court’s decision

In relation to the proposed vote of no-confidence that has again been proposed by the Opposition, the Prime Minister said this is another costly attempt to cause instability for the sake of political self-indulgence.

“The vote proposed by the Opposition is mischievous and continues to lack the support of the Members of Parliament,” O’Neill said.

“The PNC-led Coalition Government has overwhelming support on the floor of Parliament to complete this term of Government.

Polye calls on O’Neill to step down amid universities’ crises

Buildings and facilities are being burnt down following the continuous boycott by students at both the University of Papua New Guinea in Moresby and the PNG University of Technology in Lae.

At Unitech, a male student passed away as a result of wounds sustained from an apparent targeted attack by a group of men armed with bush knives in the male dormitories last night.

At around 1am, fire was set to the SRC president's residence, DODL and ATCDI buildings, and finally the mess. These buildings suffered substantial damage from the fire.

PM O’Neill says Students petition legal in nature

In a letter to the UPNG SRC, O’Neill thanked the SRC for the petition presented on Thursday May 19, to him by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

In the letter, O’Neill advised that the petition contained issues which are technical in legal in nature.

“As such it will require proper due diligence and advice from the State Agencies before any response is delivered to you.

“You will note that some of the issues are in Court therefore legal advice is required so that we are not in breach or contemptuous of Court Orders and proceedings.

PM O’Neill acknowledges receiving UPNG students petition

The student body included students from secondary schools in the national capital as well as the Port Moresby Technical College.

In a media statement shortly after receiving the petition from the students, which was delivered to him by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, the  Prime Minister said,

“I have received the petition from the UPNG Student Representative Council.

“I thank the students for the mature manner in which the petition was presented to my delegation.

O’Neill: Government is managing debt levels

O’Neill told delegates at the Australia - Papua New Guinea Business Council breakfast today in Cairns that the country’s debt levels remain well below our ceiling of a 35 percent ratio of debt to GDP.

He said that it is 28 percent of the new GDP numbers that have been released which remain at around K18 billion for this year, out of which K4 billion is foreign debt, largely through concessional loans.

“If you look at the numbers in 2015, just over K90 million was paid to foreign debt servicing in that year.

PNG Loop's 5@5

UPNG students still continue boycotting of classes

Though doors to lecture rooms at the University of Papua New Guinea have been opened, students are still refusing to attend classes.

Police will not allow student protest, says Andrews

Court refuses to hear slip rule application

The Slip Rule application was filed on grounds that the three-man Supreme Court bench erred in their decision to dismiss Finance Minister James Marape’s appeal and that the reasons for dismissal were not based on submissions before it.

It was also filed on the ground the rights of natural justice was not offered to the appellant (Marape) and the first respondent (O’Neill).

Justices Derek Hartshorn, Collin Makail and Don Sawong said they were satisfied they gave the opportunity to Marape and the Prime Minister to present their case.

PM’s lawyer asks court to clarify restraining orders of 2014

In seeking leave of the court to move the Slip Rule she submitted rights of natural justice were not offered to the appellant (Marape) and the first respondent (O’Neill).

She submitted the Supreme Court erred as   it delivered a decision that was not based on the appeal and that the reasons for dismissal were not based on submissions before it.

Bopi appointed chief of staff for PM’s office

PM O’Neill said Bopi’s leadership in overseeing administrative arrangements in the Office of the Prime Minister will make an important contribution to smooth running of the Government.

“I welcome Mr Bopi to the Office of the Prime Minister, and the experience that he brings to the role of Chief of Staff,” the Prime Minister said.

“George Bopi has many years of management experience in the private sector and in government at the provincial and national levels, and  has an impressive academic background.