John Momis

B’ville gets new Economic Development Minister

“This decision is to maintain solidarity within the cabinet and further the progress of economic development on Bougainville,” said President Momis.

“This change in leadership will allow for a new approach to generating much-needed revenue for Bougainville as we prepare for the referendum and what may come after.

“We are now on the last stretch of our political journey and to be able to manage our own affairs we need revenue.”

Bougainville cheque cleared: PM

PM O'Neill was responding to an article in Radio New Zealand International which reported ABG President, John Momis, saying the $US1.49 million cheque had bounced back.

O'Neill told this newsroom that the cheque needs a letter from secretary finance to clear it, considering fraudulent cheques are being printed by various departments.

“Their finance people know that they need the letter, am told by finance that it is cleared.”

Chair proposed for Referendum Commission

He is former Prime Minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern. Although this was made known by President John Momis during a recent parliamentary sitting with his government, a formal joint announcement is yet to be made by both governments.

A reliable source within the ABG told Loop PNG that “President Momis and PM O'Neill have written a joint letter to the former PM of Ireland as a nominee for the position of Chair of the Bougainville Referendum Commission”.

Momis: Referendum will go ahead

On Tuesday in parliament, O'Neill categorically stated that there is no guarantee that referendum will take place on the set date, because requirements of the peace agreement have not been met.

“I want to make a very clear position of government, the referendum is subject to all the fulfilments clearly stated in the peace agreement, it’s a long way off so I don’t want Papua New Guineans and Bougainvilleans to think it’s an easy path, that just tomorrow we will wake up and have a referendum, it may be such that it may not be possible,” said O’Neill.

​Momis congratulates O’Neill

In his letter, President Momis emphasised the need for continued cooperation and for both governments to work together to jointly address challenges. 

His letter emphasised the need for continued close engagement in relation to the forthcoming referendum, and the importance of ensuring that autonomy arrangements work effectively.

“The formation of the tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea will play an important role in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville’s drive towards self-determination,” Momis told PM Peter O’Neill.

Momis toughens up on corruption

ABG President, John Momis, made this statement as he addressed the Bougainville Economic Sectors Meeting yesterday.

“There are investors who are willing to invest on Bougainville but our public service machinery has to be organised to cater for the needs of these investors; we have to be ready to offer these investors information on political situation we are in, the economic climate that exists and other feasible ideas that entices the interests on would be investors,” Momis said.

President Momis commits to new BCL

The new BCL is a step away from the post-colonial and pre-crisis arrangement that had Bougainville at a disadvantage.

It is partly owned by the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the National Government, Panguna Landowners and people of Bougainville to develop the defunct Panguna Mine with the landowners for the benefit of Bougainville.

ABG gives K350 000 to Siwai United Church

The money given was in conjunction with the 100 years Centenary Celebrations of the United Church in the Siwai District in South Bougainville.
ABG President, Dr John Momis commended the United Church for reaching this milestone in the history of the denomination.
“I remember some of the early United Church missionaries who were in South Bougainville, I pay tribute to these servants of God who came with the purpose of spreading God’s word.

Developing agriculture sector a priority

ABG President, John Momis said that South Bougainville has taken a lead with developing its primary industries with support from foreign investors to operate on with equal benefit sharing arrangements as per Bougainville’s Inward Investment Act.

Momis said that in areas that are lacking, the ABG has always encouraged partnerships between locals and credible foreign investors who can contribute meaningfully to Bougainville’s economy.

PNG interfering in ABG affairs, claims Momis

The President’s comments followed remarks in Parliament by PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday that the ownership of the 17.4 percent shareholding of Bougainville Copper Ltd will be given to the landowners and people of the semi-autonomous PNG province.

"These shares are not given to the ABG, it is given to the landowners and people of Bougainville,” O’Neill said.

"I have deliberately done that so ABG does not control the shares."

O’Neill added that PNG Government will have no say in any discussion to open Panguna Mine in Bougainville.