Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville cheque cleared: PM

PM O'Neill was responding to an article in Radio New Zealand International which reported ABG President, John Momis, saying the $US1.49 million cheque had bounced back.

O'Neill told this newsroom that the cheque needs a letter from secretary finance to clear it, considering fraudulent cheques are being printed by various departments.

“Their finance people know that they need the letter, am told by finance that it is cleared.”

Do not report gossip: PM O’Neill

O’Neill was responding to Radio New Zealand International (RNZI) which reported that Papua New Guinea's government officers were visiting international financial hubs this week hoping to raise money on the offshore bond market.

Radio New Zealand reported that the Governor of PNG's Central Bank, Loi Bakani, along with the Secretary of the Department of Treasury, Dairi Vele, are scheduled to give presentations in London tomorrow, before heading to Boston and New York.