Police Brutality

Police brutality just the tip – Kiap

While he does not condone actions  by some police officers, there are some very important issues that the government and other responsible authorities need to look at in terms of adequately addressing the issue of police brutality.

Kiap outlines that police have a lot to deal with in terms of their  attitudes and the type of homes that they come from.

Condom saga stirs debate on violence issues

Women leaders around the country and the facilitators of this movement convened the first meeting last Saturday to come up with a strategic framework for the movement.

In that meeting 5 core activities were identified for which the committee members were asked to draw up action plans and methodologies to implement them.

The core activities which the Women Arise Committee would like to partner with and collaborate more on are with issues to the citizens of the country, government roles, media, police and the churches roles in addressing women's issues.

Another police abuse video surfaces

This video has about 1 minute and 59 seconds of footage showing what is alleged to be a policeman forcing a man and woman to carry out sexual acts.

The footage uploaded on PNG Loop’s Facebook page was forwarded to the Police Commissioner this afternoon.

He has since scrutinised the footage and will be handing it over to his officers to view.

Commissioner Gari Baki however says that the footage, while blurry, shows what appears to be men in blue coloured uniforms that may not be police but security guards as well.

Simbu police urged to lead by example

Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli says he is taking a strong stand on police brutality and will not tolerate any police from Simbu who are reported to be brutal.

He says policemen and women need to understand that the uniform they wear and guns they carry do not give them more power over anybody.

Condom scandal: Chiefs to discuss actions against police

Relatives in Port Moresby and in the village are angry and have threatened to burn down Boroko police station if the officer accused is not arrested immediately.

Condom Saga: Police appeal to victim’s relatives

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the main thing to focus on is to reach the victim and ensure that she has timely access to health services as well as police and legal help.

Kalaut says that relatives have spoken with him while also handing over the name of at least one of the officers alleged to have been involved in the gruesome act.

NCD Police make progress on the Condom Saga

NCD police told PNG Loop that they will work to bring in the main culprits implicated in the video.

NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says while the suspected officer and venue have been identified they will need the victims statement to tie up the case.

Kalaut assures that this case is far from over and appeals to the woman and her relatives to make the bold step to come forward.

Meantime Police Comissioner Gari Baki says he is encouraged that his officers will deal with the case adding that he will make sure that justice is served on the victim.

PNG Loop's 5@5

PNG warned of Asian gangs sponsoring candidates


Papua New Guinea's most notorious criminal has alleged that triads are sponsoring political candidates for the country's next elections.


O’ Neill tells Opposition not to mislead media

‘Condom claim’ woman urged to lay complaint

The policeman accused of doing this is yet to be identified.

The incident which was taken via a mobile phone camera allegedly showed the young woman being forced to swallow condoms or she would be locked up.

The video was posted on Facebook and has since gone viral has promoted more negative reaction from the public at large.

Many have called for Police Commissioner Gary Baki to have the officer accused arrest charged and dismissed from the force.

Reactions to woman’s condom story

The incident which went viral yesterday has been seen and shared by hundreds.

Policemen and women who are on social media Facebook have condemned this alleged action and have offered the victim help.

Director of Police Media Unit Dominic Kakas responded by saying: