Condom Saga: Police appeal to victim’s relatives

Police say that relatives of the Condom Saga victim have been in touch with them but are yet to clearly indicate if the woman has been approached by them to bring her in for help.

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the main thing to focus on is to reach the victim and ensure that she has timely access to health services as well as police and legal help.

Kalaut says that relatives have spoken with him while also handing over the name of at least one of the officers alleged to have been involved in the gruesome act.

However, Kalaut warns that this is a clear case and will be treated as such which means that the girl must be reached while police are also building evidence on getting the officers involved to be held accountable for the act they carried out on the woman.

Kalaut is calling on all relatives, friends and sympathizers of the victim to help the police and facilitate for the woman  to come forward so that justice can be served as she tries to seek help not only for what happened but also in terms of her current health condition.

PNG Loop was told by the same relative that spoke with Kalaut that the woman is still in a state of shock and shame and at the same time has started developing health associated problems from swallowing the condoms.

Julianna Waeda