Condom Saga

Condom saga cops to stand trial

Pangia man Joshua Yawijah and his co-accused, Jacklyn Tanda, from Enga, will stand trial at the Waigani National Court next week.

The matter went for status conference today where the dates for the two-day trial were set.

Yawijah and Tanda were committed to stand trial by the District Court on Sept 22 last year after sufficient evidence was found against them.

It is alleged that on Dec 4, 2015, at the Boroko Police Station, Yawijah, while in the company of female probationary officer, Tanda, forced a woman to chew and swallow two male condoms.

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Hunters’ coach Marum pleased with win

The SP PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum was pleased with the win against strong team and competition leaders in the Instrust Super Cup, Townsville Blackhawks.


Hunters win by one point 11-10 over Blackhawks

Condom case officers served files in court

Joshua Yawijah (22) of Maia village, Pangia, Southern Highlands Province was served his completed files on Feb 26 while Jacklyn Tanda (23) of Sakarip village, Wabag, Enga Province was given her files on Feb 29.

The same files were served in court today when the matter returned for the third time before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar. 

Both appeared before Magistrate Bidar this morning without their lawyer.

They told the court that their lawyer is out of Port Moresby and will return on March 27.

Policeman in condom affair charged

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut informed PNG Loop that the man will be charged with deprivation of liberty, abuse of office and indecent acts to offend.

The policeman who was on transfer in Tari but was on the run for a week was apprehended last week and flown  back to Port Moresby on Friday, January 15.

The man was refused police bail and is understood to have appeared for mentioning at court today.

Kalaut adds that the man, along with his female police counterpart  are now in court.

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 Court restrains Soso, PEC

Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso, the Eastern Highlands Provincial Executive Council, Public Service and the Department of Personnel Management have been restrained from pushing for the permanent appoint of the acting Provincial Administrator Samson.


Woman in "Condom saga" still at large

Condom scandal: Chiefs to discuss actions against police

Relatives in Port Moresby and in the village are angry and have threatened to burn down Boroko police station if the officer accused is not arrested immediately.

Women to protest violence, police brutality

The protest follows the latest video showing police forcing a woman to swallow a condom and police urinating on her last month in Port Moresby.

It has prompted women leaders around the country and the Women Arise group to plan a peaceful protest.

There is a current working group formed who have raised concerns on social media sites and will be meeting this week in Port Moresby to set dates and appoint regional coordinators to take the lead.

Condom Saga: Calls for protests

This stems from the case of the video that showed police men intimidating a woman to swallow condoms which has sparked outrage among many online users both within and outside the country.

A protest calling for an End to Police Brutality, Stop Violence against women and Human Rights Abuse is being called for as many users have expressed outrage and disgust at what was documented in the video that was uploaded on Facebook.

Condom Saga: Police appeal to victim’s relatives

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the main thing to focus on is to reach the victim and ensure that she has timely access to health services as well as police and legal help.

Kalaut says that relatives have spoken with him while also handing over the name of at least one of the officers alleged to have been involved in the gruesome act.

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NCD Police make progress on the Condom Saga

Police in NCD have made progress into the Condom Saga video.


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