PNG Police

Soldiers Under Investigation: Ikumu

He said the soldiers were brought in as suspects of being involved in the commotion between the police at Boroko on November 22. Met Supt Ikumu said they are innocent and the investigation team assigned to investigate the matter will identify those who were involved and will charge them accordingly. 

PNG police say Manus action peaceful - refugees disagree


They were there to try and remove the about 400 refugees who have refused to move to new camps at nearly Lorengau.

The police, soldiers and immigration officials entered the site early today and Mr Baki said it was a peaceful exercise with 50 inmates leaving.

He said police are doing the best they can for the refugees but they remain stubborn and defiant and are putting huge pressure on the island's community and its police resources.

NCD leads in major crimes in the country

According to recent Daily Crime Summary Reports provided by the office of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chief Operations Jim Andrews, the nation’s Capital Port Moresby has recorded 42 per cent of all crimes reported throughout the country.

Enga follows after NCD with a recorded 31 per cent. Oro, Simbu, Manus all reported below 5 per cent. All other Provinces reported no major incidents.

Stealing offences reported the highest, with 25 reported cases of which 4 arrests were made.

Central PPC Asi dismissed rumours of rape and killings

According to the post, a young girl was travelling in a bus with six men when she sent a text to the brother who was allegedly a soldier from Goldie Barracks telling him she was in a bus with six other men but she was later raped and killed by the six men.

The brother after receiving the text allegedly waited with some soldiers a turn off section of the highway but when the bus arrived, the girl was nowhere to be found.

It was alleged that the soldiers shot all six men and disposed of their body.

Surrendered Weapons in Tari to be destroyed

The destruction of weapons will take place tomorrow, as part of the “Operation Klinim Hela” program.”

The program follows a special call out operations sanctioned by the Government to help stem the buildup of arms and ammunition in the province ahead of the 2017 National Election.

For tomorrow March 7, 2017, a joint tentative program will see Phase One of the arms surrender.

Statesman applauds police

Walter Nombe said without police doing the hard yards, we would not prosper in nation building.

He said they climb mountains and cross rivers – a first time for most – and he is so proud of their tireless contribution.

"I know the history of the Constabulary and that is why I am mentioning them because they are also one of the oldest existing government sectors.

"They have done a tremendous job in ensuring peace and harmony in our communities. And I applaud them for the contribution," Nombe said.

Police arrest another Tatana shooting suspect

PNG Loop was told that the Police Constable was arrested during a dawn raid by police investigators at his family residence on Thursday morning (July 28th).

Assistant police commissioner of crimes Victor Isouve informed PNG Loop the Constable was arrested at the home of his father who is also a former Assist police Commissioner.

Based here in Port Moresby and the man has been on the run for the past year and a half evading investigators.

Wagambie Jnr reminds officers of their roles

Speaking to police officers during the Metropolitan Superintendent Midyear parade, Lae Police Boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr say police must maintain law and order to ensure that investments thrive.

“Investments will help create more jobs which will get people off the streets,” Wagambie Jnr says.

He says investments and workers’ pay tax to the government and this tax will later be used by the government to provide basic services to our people.

He added that as police officer must look at the broader picture on our importance and must perform to the expected standards.

Search warrants to be issued over death threats

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi has informed PNG Loop that search warrants will be issued to check all suspected personnel homes and properties.

Turi says that police have been investigating a group of policemen who have been linked to the death threats issued on both the Police Commissioner Gari Baki and himself.

The media were shown examples of  text messages by Turi during a recent raid that implicated an unattached officer.

More raids have been carried out while more officers have been taken in for questioning by the investigators on the case.

Public urged to report police

Assistant Commissioner Police for Traffic Jerry Frank  informed PNG Loop that people are being encouraged to take note of the time and place of the incident.

They must also note vehicle registration numbers especially at road blocks so that it will be easy to track down the police unit that is on the scene and charge them accordingly.

Frank says investigators have narrowed down the findings to the case of the police officer shown in the viral video that was recorded by a man who, the officer was trying to get money from.