Condom saga stirs debate on violence issues

The executives and committee members formed at the last Women Arise Nationwide Hauskrai in 2013 have been holding e-meetings and discussions on the current issues of violence, sexual assaults and police brutality to women.

Women leaders around the country and the facilitators of this movement convened the first meeting last Saturday to come up with a strategic framework for the movement.

In that meeting 5 core activities were identified for which the committee members were asked to draw up action plans and methodologies to implement them.

The core activities which the Women Arise Committee would like to partner with and collaborate more on are with issues to the citizens of the country, government roles, media, police and the churches roles in addressing women's issues.

Coordinators Esmie Sinapa and Sarah Haoda Todd are calling on all women leaders, men, youths and everyone to stand up for everyone's rights to peace as this country is facing challenges. We must arise for our mothers, our daughters, and our grandchildren and their future, they said.

The 2nd workshop was facilitated today at  the Lamana Hotel. Each working committee in the identified groups presented their action plans.

Dianne Mirio