Police Brutality

Policeman forces woman to swallow condom claim

The woman who is alleged to be from Gulf Province was held up for questioning  in the newly refurbished minor crimes interrogation room at the Boroko Police Station last night and was later forced by a police officer on duty to swallow condoms while being filmed.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says that the woman has gone into hiding and is now calling for her to come forward with necessary information required for the police to find out who the perpetrator is so  they can be dealt  with. 

Law society: Police actions uncalled for

Society president Peter Kuman issued a statement, saying the actions by members of the Royal PNG Constabulary were uncalled for and unbecoming for members of a disciplinary force.

And taking into account past accounts of police behaviour, Kuman said the society was concerned that ordinary people of this country were being suppressed from expressing their views through public forums and rallies.

Police: We should be respected too

Turi says that the fight began when a young boy called one of the police who was trying to remove the banners on the main stage truck “Five kina police”.

He says that this is an insult and goes to show an apparent lack of command and control from the protestors to at least respect police who up until then allowed them to gather peacefully.

This incident, Turi says, incited the fights to start and is a clear indication ofa  lack of crowd control and command by the NGO groups.

Villagers call on city leaders to explain graves dilemma

They were not consultative as was alluded to earlier this week by officials of the National Capital District Commission.

Cr David Davai  of the Elevala, Lahara area says that as the mandated leader he was very concerned at the way the consultations had been managed between the developers and the customary landowners.

In a media briefing today, councillors and villager leaders met with reporters at the cemetery lot opposite the Hagara Primary School to voice concerns over this issue.

Hanuabadans cry foul

Villager councillor David Davai tells Loop PNG that four graves were dug up from the site opposite Haraga Primary School yesterday against the wishes of their families.

Davai says that this is a bullying tactic that is being used by the National Capital District Commission officials and contractors.

A shocked Davai says  that some of the family members did not even know that the graves of their loved ones were being dug up.

He says that this is sacrilegious and shows no respect for the custom of the dead in the area.