Condom scandal: Chiefs to discuss actions against police

Chiefs of Bereina in Central Province will meet this week to discuss what sort of action will be taken against the police force and the policeman who forced a 20 year old woman to swallow condoms.

Relatives in Port Moresby and in the village are angry and have threatened to burn down Boroko police station if the officer accused is not arrested immediately.

“I am not sure what actions they will decide but it will be severe,” says a close relative

The family’s focus now is to get the young woman into Port Moresby where she can have proper medical care.

The relative says the victim is suffering from complications as a result of swallowing condoms.

The 20 year old went straight to her village at Bereina the day after the incident. Three weeks after the incident a video showing the abuse, was posted on Facebook.

Ashamed of her people and afraid of policemen, the victim went into hiding and has not received proper medical attention since.

“Young people in the village have made jokes about the video, some have blown up condoms and it’s just become a big joke in the village,” says she says .

She says her cousin has not been eating, her stomach is bloated and she is in a lot of pain.

The young victim turned 20 recently, completed grade 12 and came to Port Moresby to earn some money while on holidays.

Meantime police have not yet arrested the police officer involved and four others who were also present at the time of the incident.

He says the main suspect has gone into hiding and police are searching for him.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says the matter will be dealt with once an official complaint is lodged.

Families of the victim say she is willing to come forward to lay a complaint.

Joy Kisselpar