NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi

Traffic police take over probe into death of Laufa

According to NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi, late Ruby sustained injuries to her head when she fell off the vehicle.

However, they do not have enough evidence as yet to charge the suspect.

The case has been re-assigned to the Traffic Police to decide if it will carry forward the investigations or request for a coronial inquest as homicide can only reveal what was on the autopsy report.

The case file, vehicle and keys are confirmed to be with Traffic police for further investigations to proceed.

New Boroko cell to have fingerprint room

The newly assigned room will be used to take fingerprints and photographs of suspects brought for police file purposes.

NCD MetSup Ben Turi says Boroko Police Station for many years had a poor data base where case files have disappeared over a period of time.

“When suspects escape from police custody, officers don’t have case files or pictures to be able to identify them but this will make it easy for them.”

Police yet to release charges on PNGDF soldiers

The officers were brought in for questioning at the Boroko Police Station at around midday today.

Amidst the waiting, while questioning was in progress, media personnel were told to move away from the police precinct by a senior member of the Crime Investigative Division (CID) who said that they did not want any media publicity and attention.

A few minutes later the officers were seen moving out of the police station and into a waiting PNGDF vehicle parked outside of the station.

Turi calls on PNGDF hierarchy to surrender soldiers

This comes after Ben Turi and his men were assaulted at the Boroko Police Station whilst on duty at New Year; a few minutes past midnight.

Turi is calling on PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, to find these PNGDF officers and bring them forward into police custody to be charged for assaulting him and his men.

The rampage by PNGDF soldiers was said to have come about when a PNGDF officer was stopped at a police roadblock. The officer allegedly refused to cooperate with police, where he tried to pull a firearm on the police officers on duty.

Turi says New Year police operations in place

The operations will consist of the usual foot beat patrols as well as the usual road checks and random car stops by patrol units.

Turi urges all city residents to work together with police while the operations run through into the New Year.

Turi is also warning the general public to take heed of the operations and to co-operate with police to ensure that the New Year celebrations are peaceful.

Meanwhile, he commended his officers for a job well done during the Christmas operations and that the same work attitude be carried into the operations for New Year as well.

Discharged firearm in toilet allegedly led to breakout

NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG today that a police officer discharged a firearm in the toilet on Saturday morning.

“We are not sure whether he did that on purpose or it was an accident,” said Turi.

However, the incident allegedly led to the breakout of prisoners.

Among the 15 were a few rapists, some remandees, murder and robbery suspects.

To date, 5 of the prisoners are back in their cells while the rest are still out there, Turi stated.

Police release details on PMV driver’s death

NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG that the deceased reportedly jumped out of a police vehicle in an attempt to escape detention.

According to police reports, the deceased was picked up after the bus he was driving ran into a power pole at East Boroko.

“The public tried to beat him up so officers picked him up. While on their way to the Boroko Police Station, he jumped out of the cage,” says Turi.

“A security vehicle then picked him up and took him to the hospital, where he died at 5pm yesterday (Dec 14).”

Police officers should not assault women: Turi

“No police officer is allowed to assault any mothers anywhere around the city and I condemn any activities regarding my men assaulting women,” he said in a press conference yesterday.

“We are taking care of all disciplinary issues and a lot of NCD officers have been dealt with.

“We have dismissed a good number already and more in the pipeline until we clean out all the bad apples from the constabulary,” Turi assured.

NCDC will ensure park is secure

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop made the assurance that the events management team is working to come up with a mechanism to address the security problem there.

Parkop acknowledged that there have been legitimate concerns raised on social and the mainstream media, and he is now working with NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi to address the issue.

The Governor said the whole purpose in having this Christmas celebration is to have the people take ownership of the lights and celebrate Christmas in the true festive spirit.

Man with alleged bullet wounds discovered near Baruni

Police allege that the deceased may have been killed somewhere in Port Moresby and dumped in the early hours of the morning in a drain near the road.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi warns that as the festive season approaches, Port Moresby residents must take heed whilst going about their business in the city.

Police have begun investigations to establish reasons behind the man’s death.

(Picture from Voice of PNG FB page)