Turi calls on PNGDF hierarchy to surrender soldiers

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent is calling on PNGDF hierarchy to bring forward the soldiers involved in the New Year rampage at the Boroko Police Station.

This comes after Ben Turi and his men were assaulted at the Boroko Police Station whilst on duty at New Year; a few minutes past midnight.

Turi is calling on PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, to find these PNGDF officers and bring them forward into police custody to be charged for assaulting him and his men.

The rampage by PNGDF soldiers was said to have come about when a PNGDF officer was stopped at a police roadblock. The officer allegedly refused to cooperate with police, where he tried to pull a firearm on the police officers on duty.

The police managed to disarm him, bringing the gun to Boroko Police Station.

Turi and one of his senior officers sustained injuries during the confrontation.

Apart from the rampage, the city police report a quiet New Year with no major incidents or crime committed in the nation’s capital.

Annette Kora