PNGDF Commander

Goina remains as PNGDF Commander

On December 31, 2021, the former Commander, Major General Gilbert Toropo filed a judicial review proceeding at the National Court, over his revocation as PNGDF Commander, and Commander Goina’s appointment as the new Commander of the PNGDF.

“The orders of the 31st of December 2021 has now been stayed,” said Solicitor General Tauvasa Tanuvasa. “That means that we are now in a situation as if the National Court proceedings were never filed in the first place.”

More PNGDF personnel deployed to Highlands

They will provide back up support with regards to the law and order issues and the PNG LNG site security concerns at the Hides gas conditioning plant.

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, informed this newsroom whilst giving an update of the troops’ operations and work up in the province.

Along with recent decisions made by the National Executive Council to extend the period of the callout, troops have been deployed since after the elections and have continued to maintain presence in the province.

Toropo outlines 2018 agendas

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier General, Gilbert Toropo says that operational effectiveness will remain the forces theme, with the support to APEC18 being the focus.

Commander Toropo said he is confident and trusts that the force can continue to be transformed.

“Over the past four years, the force has grown to be a fitter and better disciplined. We have worked at and are working on our leadership, focusing on the projects that will help define how we will adjust in growing as a force to 10, 000 by 2030.”

2018 intent for PNGDF

These are; the establishment of the Joint Service College, the development of the forward deployed Combat Services Support Teams and progress in gender integration.

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, said the JSC heralds the start of greater integration with the sister security sector partners, police and correctional service.

Toropo on PNGDF budget cut

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, says regardless of that, the Force understands what the government and the whole country is going through with the effects of falling commodity prices in the world market.

He said it is unfortunate that there is nothing anyone can do.

Commander Toropo said what the Force will do as a defence organisation is to realign its priorities to make sure its core activities are maintained.

“One of our core activities is to ensure that our border patrols are maintained and supported,” he said.

White paper policy a major PNGDF task

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, said this during their end-of-year mass in Port Moresby.

Commander Toropo said in 2014, when teh White Paper was launched, certain priorities were set which brought the force together when the defence white paper was launched.

“Apart from the four core tasks of the white paper policy, one of the most important tasks was to implement the policy and that is a huge task.”

This saw the downsizing of manpower from 5,000 to 2,000.

He enunciated to staff and soldiers present that the tasks have not changed.

Soldiering: A noble profession

This is the theme for the end of year mass for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

The PNGDF Commander, Gilbert Toropo this morning said soldiering is God's calling.

"It is a noble profession," Toropo reminded personnel and staff who gathered for the mass.

He admitted while the profession was challenging he reminded the PNGDF staff and personnel that they should be privileged to stand up and carry out the responsibility for the country.

"God doesn't make a mistake in seeing you become a soldier, a corporal, or a colonel."

PNGDF takes control of processing centre

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo says the Defence Force presence is to ensure safety and security.

“As a government agency, PNGDF has been very happy to support our government decision to host the centre. Now the decision has been made to close down the centre, and we have to comply as part of all Government approach.”

Extra troops have been sent to Lombrum to support the unit commander in Lombrum maintain security of the place since all services to the centre, including security, were shut down.

VIDEO: Soldiers will be discharged

A disappointed PNG Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo, said the people deserve the best from the PNG Defence Force and not behaviour that will disrupt the electoral process. 


Charmaine Poriambep with more 


PNG Defence Force in operation mode for 2017 Elections

PNGDF Commander, Gilbert Toropo said this during the 66th Battalion Anniversary Parade at Taurama Barracks recently.

Commander Toropo says he has seen the great efforts put in by the men and women towards this profession today.

He says as PNG is heading into preparing for this year’s national elections, PNGDF has a role to play as part of one of its core tasks to support the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary in ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for the citizens of PNG.