Boroko Police Station

Family demands explanation from police

The 17-year-old from Eastern Highlands Province was among curious onlookers who turned up at Boroko, seeking answers to rumours of abduction and kidnapping in the city, when he met his fate.

His sister, who was with him at Boroko, said he was rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital 20-30 minutes after he was shot.

A source from the hospital who attended to the deceased reliably told this newsroom that the bullet entered the back of his skull and was lodged above his ear.

Boroko chaos attributed to misleading reports

The dissemination of false information regarding an alleged kidnapping case saw chaos reign around the Boroko area today.

According to police, what was a rape case involving a female and a number of suspects, turned into a circus early this morning when social media users spread rumours of suspected kidnappers being held at the Boroko police station.

Appeal out for missing child

Jayden Simeon was abducted at Gerehu Stage 2, near the Lwanga Catholic Church at 11:55am on Wednesday.

He was wearing a pair of red boots with a navy blue trousers and blue shirt when he was taken by a stranger whom the uncle, who was minding the child, mistook for being a friend of the child’s father.

His mother, Beverley Rasahei is appealing on the public to contact 70093611 or 72391120 if they do see him.

A missing persons report has been placed at the Boroko Police station

Condom swallowing case a priority

The incident from 4 December 2015 sparked overwhelming public support against abuse while in police custody.

The case was initially listed to go for trial in October last year however, was deferred to a later date.

Today, Pangia man Joshua Yawijah appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish who put the case on the priority list for trial next month after prosecution indicated it was ready.

His co-accued, Jacklyn Tanda, from Enga, is expected to appear in court next week.

A date is to be set for trial in the month of June.

Good Samaritan returns student’s folder

Francis Maim, a 42-year-old Maprik man, spotted the folder on a bus 17 last week Friday.

Maim told Loop PNG that he wanted to bring the folder forward because he noted that the student would be in need of such vital documents.

The Good Samaritan says he decided today to bring it to police to make sure the student gets the lost property.

The folder contains certificates and reference documents bearing the name ‘Keivavine Walo’.

The folder has since been submitted to this newsroom to help bring the message across to the public.

Soldier in New Year standoff fined

Joe Mondo went before Magistrate Maristella Painap on Thursday for his penalty sentence after he earlier pleaded guilty to the offense.

He was arrested and charged with being in possession of a pistol without a license, a charge under Section 27 (a) of the Firearms Act.

Mondo was has a rank of Lieutenant in the army was told by Magistrate Painap that his actions on New Year’s eve which led to the stand-off between Police and Soldiers at the Boroko Police station did not reflect on his rank.

New Boroko cell to have fingerprint room

The newly assigned room will be used to take fingerprints and photographs of suspects brought for police file purposes.

NCD MetSup Ben Turi says Boroko Police Station for many years had a poor data base where case files have disappeared over a period of time.

“When suspects escape from police custody, officers don’t have case files or pictures to be able to identify them but this will make it easy for them.”

Officer in ‘condom case’ threatens TV crew

A female journalist from EMTV and her cameraman were threatened and almost assaulted by police officer Joshua Yawijah.

Yawijah is the same cop implicated in the condom swallowing incident at the Boroko Police station on Dec 4, 2015.

The cop, who did not want the cameraman getting cutaways of him walking outside the courthouse, approached him and attempted to pull the camera off its stand. Yawijah then tried to throw a punch at the cameraman and also the journalist.

Sufficient evidence against Cops in condom video case

A ruling on whether the court has sufficient evidence against Probationary police officers, 22-year-old Joshua Yawijah of Maia village, Pangia, Southern Highlands Province, and 23-year-old Jacklyn Tanda of Sakarip village, Wabag, Enga Province was done this morning.

The two officers are allegedly involved in forcing a woman to swallow two condoms at the Boroko Police Station on Dec 4,2015. The woman was forced to swallow two condoms after she was forced to empty the belongings in her bag onto a table. Seven male condoms were found on her.

Magistrate wants condom swallowing case finalised

Bidar made these statements this morning when he adjourned the case of Probationary police officers, 22-year-old Joshua Yawijah of Maia village, Pangia, Southern Highlands Province, and 23-year-old Jacklyn Tanda of Sakarip village, Wabag, Enga Province for two weeks.

“This case started in January this year and we are now going into the seventh month. We must finalise this case,” he told the lawyer representing the two police officers and the police prosecution team.