Boroko Police Station

New look Police Station opened

The refurbishment was funded by the Australian Government through the Papua New Guinea Australian Policing Partnership (PNGAPP) at the cost of more than K2 million.

Commissioner of Police David Manning, thanked the government and people of Australia and especially the PNGAPP for its ongoing assistance to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. Mr Manning said the Boroko Police Station is the biggest and oldest police station in the country and many senior officers that served at this station were elevated to senior positions within the Constabulary over the years.

Boroko Police Station Refurbished

The Australian Federal Police under the ambit of the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership made renovations to the police station.

Commander of the NCD/Central Command, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior said a parade will be staged and the Commander of the Australian Federal Police deployment in PNG, Assistant Commissioner Jamie Strauss will accompany Commissioner Manning to the opening.

No Cash Bail At Boroko Cell

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Gideon Ikumu said the public in NCD must be aware that there is no cash bail but an EFTPoS terminal is now available at the police station to make payments.

He said relatives must communicate with the arresting officers and carry their bankcards when going to the station to pay for bail. Met Supt Ikumu said the money goes back to the Finance Department and the police is free from any allegations.

“This system had been introduced to make sure there is no complain against the police in relation to bail money going missing,” he said.

PM condemns actions

He has also summoned the Police Commissioner and Defence Commander to appear before him this morning at 8.30 to provide an explanation, after returning from East New Britain and hearing of the incident.

He said, "I am appalled at the news that members of our two disciplinary forces have resorted to the use of force and breaking of law to resolve a law and order issue.”

"Police and soldiers are supposed to be the most disciplined of people, yet it is very disappointing to see such breakdowns happening and continuing.

Disciplined Forces Clash

Videos circulating on the social media platform, Facebook, showed soldiers hanging onto the sides of a blue ten-seater vehicle, speeding away from the Boroko Police Station, followed by a police vehicle and personnel on foot.

Another video shows a soldier laying on the road. Reports confirmed that the soldier fell off the vehicle and was not shot, as speculated.

Business houses located within the vicinity of the commotion were forced to close their doors for fear of looting by the public.

No one shot: Wagambie

Family demands explanation from police

The 17-year-old from Eastern Highlands Province was among curious onlookers who turned up at Boroko, seeking answers to rumours of abduction and kidnapping in the city, when he met his fate.

His sister, who was with him at Boroko, said he was rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital 20-30 minutes after he was shot.

A source from the hospital who attended to the deceased reliably told this newsroom that the bullet entered the back of his skull and was lodged above his ear.

Boroko chaos attributed to misleading reports

The dissemination of false information regarding an alleged kidnapping case saw chaos reign around the Boroko area today.

According to police, what was a rape case involving a female and a number of suspects, turned into a circus early this morning when social media users spread rumours of suspected kidnappers being held at the Boroko police station.

Appeal out for missing child

Jayden Simeon was abducted at Gerehu Stage 2, near the Lwanga Catholic Church at 11:55am on Wednesday.

He was wearing a pair of red boots with a navy blue trousers and blue shirt when he was taken by a stranger whom the uncle, who was minding the child, mistook for being a friend of the child’s father.

His mother, Beverley Rasahei is appealing on the public to contact 70093611 or 72391120 if they do see him.

A missing persons report has been placed at the Boroko Police station

Condom swallowing case a priority

The incident from 4 December 2015 sparked overwhelming public support against abuse while in police custody.

The case was initially listed to go for trial in October last year however, was deferred to a later date.

Today, Pangia man Joshua Yawijah appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish who put the case on the priority list for trial next month after prosecution indicated it was ready.

His co-accued, Jacklyn Tanda, from Enga, is expected to appear in court next week.

A date is to be set for trial in the month of June.