Ruby Laufa

Two months later, Laufa case still not solved

In an interview with Director for Traffic, Joe Joseph stressed the investigators cannot preempt the case.

“Investigators cannot anticipate or predict the actual happening of the incident that had taken place and take action without building a strong case to present before the courts; let alone take any action in order to hinder the investigations that is currently running.”

He said we cannot just have the suspect arrested and it goes up to court only for it to be thrown out for lacking sufficient evidence.

Traffic police take over probe into death of Laufa

According to NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi, late Ruby sustained injuries to her head when she fell off the vehicle.

However, they do not have enough evidence as yet to charge the suspect.

The case has been re-assigned to the Traffic Police to decide if it will carry forward the investigations or request for a coronial inquest as homicide can only reveal what was on the autopsy report.

The case file, vehicle and keys are confirmed to be with Traffic police for further investigations to proceed.

Suspect involved in Laufa’s death not charged yet

A coronial inquest Under the Coroners Act 2003 (SA) can be held to establish the cause, or circumstances, of a reportable death.

Officer in Charge of Homicide Ulavis Mantu says for now the case has been reassigned to the Traffic Police to decide if it will carry forward the investigations or request for a coronial inquest.

“Investigations from Traffic police will help us to determine the charge of the suspect or to request for an inquest,” says Mantu.


Nugi pays tribute to Laufa

"This was my wonder when I first came to know Ruby. Her beauty made you turn to have a second glance, and you’d catch yourself staring admirably. She always looked like she had walked straight out of a magazine, even on a ‘bad hair day’.
“When I think of Ruby’s character, she was a wise lady with maturity beyond her years. Her confidence and intelligence was not loud or boastful, it emanated naturally with how she held her conversations, her poise, and how she holds it all together even under extreme pressure.

Autopsy shows Laufa suffered head injury: Police

NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG they gathered that she had landed on her head when she fell out of the car.

However, they do not have enough evidence as yet to charge the suspect.

“They were the only two people in the car when the incident happened. It was one-on-one,” says Turi.

“If only there was a third person in the vehicle who tells us that ‘No, she didn't jump out of the vehicle’, then we would be able to charge him.”

The traffic division will now question the suspect, who Turi revealed had already engaged a lawyer.


‘Ruby is looking down on us tonight’

In my lair looking at the blue sky

Can't let another day pass by

Without you knowing what I feel inside

These were the first lines to the late Ruby Laufa’s favourite song, Clap Again, by Akon.

Last night, this song enveloped the area of Fort Banner, UPNG, while candles glowed and lanterns and balloons soared into the clear, night sky.

One of her close friends, Jacquie Simons, revealed that Laufa, in a playful mood, once told them to play this song at her funeral.

Glowing lanterns for the late Laufa

They signified the late Ruby Laufa's independence and free spiritedness.

During the candlelight vigil to commemorate Laufa's 25th birthday, close friend Avis Babalu told Loop PNG that the former Miss PNG died on the day they planned to conduct their early celebrations.

“We, the ‘Fambam’, have this tradition where we always celebrate each other's birthdays to the extreme,” said Babalu.

“We do theme parties or surprise parties for each other.

“For Ruby's party, we decided to do something simple; we were gonna get a hotel room and just decorate it.”

Laufa's vigil underway

Currently numbering at almost 100, friends, families, colleagues as well as the general public have gathered to celebrate Laufa's life.

“Today is her 25th birthday. We were supposed to celebrate her birthday on Saturday,” says close friend Avis Babalu.

“She wanted all her friends to wear black while she would be in white. This is why we are wearing white this evening to remember her and to give thanks for her life.”

More than 20 lanterns will be released as soon as the family arrives.


​Laufa’s autopsy set for 4.30pm

Based on the results of the post-mortem, police will determine the charges that will be laid on the suspect.

NCD superintendent of police operations, Fred Tundu, told Loop PNG that the suspect has spent the last two hours being interrogated by CID officers at Boroko.

Tundu says eyewitness statements have been collected by investigators.

He further explains that based on the outcome of the autopsy, police will determine the degree of the murder charge.

Vigil to mark Laufa’s 25th birthday

Close friend Hanley Logoso told Loop PNG the event, to be held at 6.30pm at Fort Banner, UPNG, is mostly to celebrate Laufa’s birthday with friends, families or anyone her life had impacted.

“It’s basically anyone and everyone who has been a victim of violence against women or may know of someone who may have died as a result of any form of violence,” says Logoso.

“Ultimately we want to use this as a platform to send a strong message on violence against women.