NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi

Airport heist sees K1.2 million taken

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirms that K1. 2 million in cash was stolen from some staff officers upon their departure for a chartered flight.

Details are still vague as police are investigating into the issue.

He added that five men are alleged to be involved in the robbery and investigations are underway.

More details to come…


Superintendent Kombe calls it a day after 31 of years’ service

One of them being Superintendent for Operations and Police Station Commander for Boroko Police Station Brian Kombe.

Kombe has spent 31 years in the force, having joined the police force in 1985.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi commended Kombe during the farewell parade yesterday for the years he had put into the force in making sure the needs of the general public were met.

Businessman found with illegal firearm at Pom road check

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says the businessman will be going in for further questioning about how the unlicensed firearm ended up in his possession.

“We are looking to get to the bottom of where he got this firearm from; the bullets are alleged to be from the PNGDF armoury.”

PNGDF has been alerted and investigations are underway to find out who sold the pistol and bullets to the businessman.

Turi thanks officers on duty for confiscating the firearm during these routine checks.

NCD police make more arrests over death of Roku man

Although the number of suspects in police custody is yet to be confirmed, Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says, the CID unit is continuing their investigations into the death of the man.

Three suspects surrendered to police last week.

Turi said he is pleased with the progress as this will give closure to the family of the late victim.

Turi commended the community for their help in apprehending the suspects and to continue to help investigators apprehend the rest of the suspects involved in this unfortunate incident.

Brave police officer rewarded with new mobile phone

Constable Anthony Kendang and his colleagues, from the Superintendent Operations Office in Boroko, were responding to an armed robbery at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Port Moresby on Monday morning.

During the robbery, an armed suspect shot him. Luckily, the bullet missed his heart when it hit his mobile phone and power pack, which was in his pocket at the time of the incident.

The lucky police officer was saved by a mobile phone, which acted as a shield for his heart when the bullet was fired.

Breakthrough in Port Moresby alleged piracy, murder case

A reliable source told Loop PNG that police yesterday took back the motor stolen from the boat at a Motu-Koita village. They would not name the village in case the suspects are alerted.

The source added that police intelligence have already identified witnesses and potential suspects in the stealing and murder of the boat owner from Roku Village, in the Kairuku – Hiri electorate of Central Province.

NCD police boss Ben Turi told Loop PNG yesterday that eyewitnesses had already come forward with helpful information on the attackers.

Police have information on alleged piracy drowning, says Turi

Metropolitan Superintendent for NCD Ben Turi told Loop PNG that some eyewitnesses have already come forward with helpful information on the attackers.

Turi says the suspects have been identified and are known but police are keeping a tight lip about it as arrests are yet to be made. They do not want the suspects to go into hiding.

“We are yet to verify the number of people who were involved and we commend those that have come forward with providing information to help police in their investigation,” says Turi.

Police to be on full alert during Parliament session

Kalaut made this clear in a media briefing today anyone who tries to interrupt or take the law into their own hands will be dealt with accordingly.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says the police will not allow anyone coming into the city in convoys to disrupt the normalcy in the city.

Turi was  advised by Parliament security yesterday that there are limited spaces available for equal number of representatives from each province to stand in to hear the Vote of No Confidence tomorrow.