NCDC will ensure park is secure

Security for those who are enjoying the Christmas lights at Jack Pidik Park is important.

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop made the assurance that the events management team is working to come up with a mechanism to address the security problem there.

Parkop acknowledged that there have been legitimate concerns raised on social and the mainstream media, and he is now working with NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi to address the issue.

The Governor said the whole purpose in having this Christmas celebration is to have the people take ownership of the lights and celebrate Christmas in the true festive spirit.

Unfortunately, a few individuals are taking advantage of the event, causing fear and harassing people.

“We shouldn’t give in to these few individuals but we should maintain our goal, which is to make Christmas a festive program for us to celebrate peacefully in the true spirit,” said the Governor.

“I’ve read all the criticism and will be giving the events management team another night to show that we can overcome the problem.

“It’s a problem that can be solved but we need to allocate resources and strategically place them in a way that can deter these type of perpetrators,” Parkop said.

Quintina Naime