Jack Pidik Christmas lights 2016

Turi: Stop the harassment!

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, called on youths from settlements to stop harassing people and let the public enjoy the Christmas period.   

“Let’s enjoy the Christmas period and don’t come and harass others, the women and children should come and enjoy the lights and entertainment.”

Turi also called on the media to play their part by educating the youths from settlements, through awareness on the media platforms, to stop harassing people.

NCDC will ensure park is secure

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop made the assurance that the events management team is working to come up with a mechanism to address the security problem there.

Parkop acknowledged that there have been legitimate concerns raised on social and the mainstream media, and he is now working with NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi to address the issue.

The Governor said the whole purpose in having this Christmas celebration is to have the people take ownership of the lights and celebrate Christmas in the true festive spirit.

Police to beef up security at Jack Pidik

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirmed that police from Saraga Police Station will assist to provide security from tonight onwards.

They will join the NCDC security personnel and NCD reserve police.

Turi said the Christmas lighting and activity at Jack Pidik Park won’t be stopped as the police fully support NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s initiative.

“We will not allow criminals or hooligans to stop the initiative by the Governor,” Turi stated.