New Boroko cell to have fingerprint room

The Boroko Police Station will now have a fingerprint room in the newly refurbished holding cell at Boroko Police Station.

The newly assigned room will be used to take fingerprints and photographs of suspects brought for police file purposes.

NCD MetSup Ben Turi says Boroko Police Station for many years had a poor data base where case files have disappeared over a period of time.

“When suspects escape from police custody, officers don’t have case files or pictures to be able to identify them but this will make it easy for them.”

Turi says 2017 is a new era and will be a challenging year for the force and with the reopening of the holding cells and the new process in place, there is still room for further improvements to be made.

“The fingerprint room is a step forward to the work that will be done this year and will be utilised to its full potential,” Turi said.

Annette Kora