Laloki Psychiatric Hospital

Laloki Hospital CEO faces misappropriation charges

Daugunu was charged with two counts of Official Corruption under Section 87 (1) (a) (i), and Section 87 (1) (b) respectively, two counts of Misappropriation of Property under Section 383A (1) (a) and two counts of Abuse of Office under section 92 (1) of the PNG Criminal Code Act, Chapter 262.

Police investigation revealed that the defendant allegedly used her position to create avenues to milk hospital funds for personal benefit, and not in the interest of the institution, the government and the people of Papua New Guinea.

Dr Liko is Laloki caretaker manager

In a recent media release, Dr. Liko announced that administrative measures have been initiated to usher in stability and end the infighting between the disputing parties in regard to the management of the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital, while the courts resolve the matters.

Dr. Liko has clarified that the term of Dr. Lovasati Aisi as Hospital chief executive officer ended on April 27. Dr Liko says Dr. Lovasati holds no authority to perform functions as the head of the hospital.

Laloki Hospital Launches Major Projects

The projects came about as a result of a positive response from the Ministry and Department of Health to a peaceful protest staged by the hospital staff in late 2019, to fight for clean water.

The small protest urged the then Minister for Health, Dr. Puka Temu and Dr. Gua Tau from the health department who went to listen to their plight, hence the five projects now launched, including clean fresh water from Water PNG.

Laloki hospital not closed

She explained that they had to disinfect the facility, and so had it temporarily closed to a couple of weeks.

“It hasn’t closed its services, it’s still open and I want to make this clear. We’ve only temporarily stopped the admissions in these two weeks as I mentioned up to the 1st of April.

“By the 1st of April, management should come up with a plan of management or approach on what we will do next for our service.”

New start for Laloki hospital

Health and HIV/AIDS Minister, Elias Kapavore, gave the assurance during a surprise visit to Laloki on Monday.

Kapavore, with Sir John Cardinal Ribat, who is also the chairman of the Mental Health Board, paid the staff of Laloki Psychiatric Hospital a surprise visit on the 29th of July, where he announced their new acting CEO in Dr Losavati Daugunu.

Address our issues or we resign: Doctors

The hospital’s workforce structure is one of those issues.

The Director Medical Services at Laloki Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Ludwik Nanawar, says the hospital needs restructuring.

He said the restructure is important to address severe manpower issues the hospital is facing.

“Our manpower ceiling is 160. We have 27 vacancies. In terms of doctors there are only five of us, two specialist and three trainees,” stated Dr Nanawar.

“In fact, one of the trainees we trained has already graduated this year but can’t have a job because we don’t have a position for her.”

PNG in very serious health crisis: Minister

Shadow Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Joseph Yopyyopy, has called for swift and appropriate Government action to prevent the further deterioration of PNG’s most basic and essential health services.

He warned of catastrophic consequences resulting from Government inaction whilst noting that the PNC-led Government drastically cut health spending for the past three years, including 2017.

Yopyyopy cited most recent instances, including:

Mental health in the workplace vital

Dr Ludwig Nanawar from the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital said the take home message from this year’s theme is; a mentally healthy workforce aids quality productivity and output in an organisation.

During a person’s adult life, a large proportion of their time is spent at work.

Experience in the workplace is one of the factors determining the overall wellbeing.

Psycological First Aid is theme for Mental Health Day

Efforts in support of the day focused on basic pragmatic psychological support by people who find themselves in a helping role whether they are health staff, teachers, firemen, community workers, or police officers.

The Laloki Psychiatric Hospital will be holding a gathering tomorrow with their staff and patients to celebrate the World Mental Health Day which was deferred from Monday.

Besides the theme of the WMHD for this year, speeches will be made highlighting main constraints that is hindering effective mental health services in the country. 

Doctor slams O’Neill’s plan on foreign doctors

Director of Medical Services of Laloki Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Ludwig Nanawar said the registration of foreign doctors is the function of the Medical Board of PNG, governed by the Medical Registrations Act and not politicians and their bureaucrats.    

Dr Nanawar said Cuban doctors must be fully registered before they can come and practice in the country’s health system.

“They can come in later when they have been duly registered.