Dr Ludwig Nanawar

Mental health in the workplace vital

Dr Ludwig Nanawar from the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital said the take home message from this year’s theme is; a mentally healthy workforce aids quality productivity and output in an organisation.

During a person’s adult life, a large proportion of their time is spent at work.

Experience in the workplace is one of the factors determining the overall wellbeing.

Psychological First Aid important for traumatised person: Doctor

The Director of Medical Services for Laloki Psychiatric Hospital Dr Ludwig Nanawar made this comment today to commemorate World Mental Health Day, which is marked on October 10 each year.  

He said the World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is an annual event which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues across the globe and also mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

“Each year the World Federation for Mental Health coins a theme for the WMHD. This year's theme is Psychological First Aid (PFA) For All,” Dr Nanawar said.

Public views divided for Cuban Doctors

Loop PNG reported last week a concerned doctor slamming the announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to bring in Cuban doctors to work in the public health sector throughout the country.

This followed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill statement that discussions to bring Cuban doctors to work in Papua New Guinea will be held in November.

Doctor slams O’Neill’s plan on foreign doctors

Director of Medical Services of Laloki Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Ludwig Nanawar said the registration of foreign doctors is the function of the Medical Board of PNG, governed by the Medical Registrations Act and not politicians and their bureaucrats.    

Dr Nanawar said Cuban doctors must be fully registered before they can come and practice in the country’s health system.

“They can come in later when they have been duly registered.

Unitech students will undergo counselling, says Schram

The resumption of classes at Unitech will be on August 29. 

Schram was commenting on a Loop PNG story about the need for students in the three state-run universities to undergo counselling. This is to help them recover from the mental stress experienced after the incidents that happened during their boycott of classes.

“Same at UNITECH, counselling services have been provided for students and staff. For students, we have been providing counselling on a continuous basis. Since 25 June however, the students have left our campus,” Schram stated.

University students need counselling, says psychiatrist

Dr Ludwig Nanawar the Director of Medical Services for Psychiatric Hospital told Loop PNG that the University of Papua New Guinea, PNG University of Technology and University of Goroka must provide counselling to students and also staffs to help them recover.

This follow peaceful boycotting of classes at this three State run universities for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step down which turned violent among students and also local police involved.

UOG have already recommence classes, and UPNG and Unitech will resume next month.