Embracing ICT SMEs in NCD

The event had a slow due to power outage. Despite is setback, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Information and Communication Science space set up booths and stalls and were ready to get the program going.

NCDC Manager for social Services, Kila Dick, shared that the idea was to encourage more women get into the SME sector.


Advancing ICT in Agriculture

In this context, Information Communication Technology (ICTs) offer enormous opportunities for enhanced agricultural innovation for food security, income, and economic growth.

ICT Release Draft Digital Plan

Department Secretary, Steven Matainaho, in a statement yesterday, 28th July informed all public bodies, stakeholders, and the general public of the release of the draft Digital Government Plan 2023-2027.

The draft Plan proposes to operationalize the key Government policy objectives as outlined in the:

Students Launch Cyber-Safety Video

The videos launch was to inform the organisation’s partners and stakeholders on the use of these videos and for public access on their social media platforms.

Ms. Joseph said the event was about three videos that they launched on Cyber-safety.

“What’s amazing about them is that we’ve had kids especially between the ages of 12 and 16 who have taken part in creating these videos. Why this connects to the work EPF does is that we are really concerned about the protection of children, not just physically but online as well,” said Ms. Joseph.

NICTA Renews Digicel Operating Licenses

Minister for Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) Timothy Masiu presented the licenses to Digicel PNG CEO, Colin Stone, in Port Moresby today.

The renewed ICT operator licenses are viable for the next 15 years. The two licenses granted to Digicel PNG are the gateway service license and individual network license.

Minister Masiu used the ceremony to promote the Marape-Basil Government’s position based on the ‘Take Back PNG’ intent.

He emphasized that the Take Back slogan is about national content and participation.

Bridging ICT in PNG

At the launch of the new Tok Pisin website for Get Safe Online PNG, the Information and Communications Technology Manager for Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd (KTHL), Rungi Pingi highlighted that the country’s diversity of languages and physical geography makes communication a difficult task.

Pingi said, “PNG is certainly a land of many unexpected corners and turns as you drive along the highway of information and digital connectivity.”

He added that establishing communication to all parts of the country, especially the most remote locations would prove a great difficulty.


Deputy PM Steven and Minister Masiu join hands to push the Digital Transformation Agenda

To bring government closer to the people through effective governance, improved service delivery and socio-economic growth so it can become a smart, interactive and well-informed society by promoting collaboration and participation including innovation and learning and an open, transparent and accountable government.

Masiu announces completion of Digital Transformation Policy

Masiu in a statement said as a Minister responsible for Information & Communication Technology, it is his core duty to continuously explore technology and harness its applications for the benefits of all people.

“I thank my acting Secretary Steven Matainaho and his team for this enabling policy framework for the ICT sector.

Boost for PNG’s ICT sector

In what is considered a milestone for PNG’s Department of Communications and Information Technology (Department of ICT), a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on February 25th between the PNG Department of ICT and its Australian counterpart, the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication (DITRDC).

The MOU was signed by PNG Department’s Acting Secretary Steven Matainaho and Australia Department’s Secretary, Simon Atkinson, in Canberra at the DITRDC.

PNG govt digital master plan

The officers contributed ideas to progress the development of PNG Digital Government Master Plan to support unified government ICT services going forward.

Project Manager for Integrated Government Information System, Jack Tomon, said the workshop will help re-validate and guide existing plans and complement the implementation of the National ICT roadmap.

The ICT roadmap includes digital infrastructure, digital government, digital services, digital skills, digital business environment and digital safety.