ENB outlines ICT action plan

It has a list of activities that need to be implemented in line with standards set by the Department of ICT.

ENB Deputy Provincial Administrator for Corporate Services, Marakan Uvano, made this known during the opening of the three-day New Guinea Islands ICT regional consultation yesterday.

“Our main activity that is currently underway in the province is the engagement of a consultant to create a website for the provincial government, the four districts and the 18-plus LLGs,” Uvano said.

'Smart Pacific, One Voice'

The theme is in emphasis on a 'Connected Pacific – Enabling Aspirations through ICT.

Information and Communication Technology Minister, Timothy Masiu, announced the theme of the summit, which will be hosted in PNG.

"As the Chair and host for the Secretariat, PNG is working with other members in the region and also to push for an ITU Sub-Regional Office in the Pacific,” said Minister Masiu.

Cyber Sawe PNG Training

This initiative reflects CPL Foundation's commitment to enhancing education and empowerment opportunities for women and girls in Papua New Guinea. The Cyber Sawe PNG program aims to expand the knowledge of computer technology and online safety practices, particularly among young girls, using mobile phones and computers.

The one-day workshop, held on May 14th, witnessed the participation of over 30 young individuals aged 7 to 16. They engaged in various educational sessions covering topics such as Cybergames, Physical Security, Digital Traces, Cyber Safety, and Coding. 

DWU advances on in technology

When the country went into lockdown in 2020 due to COVID19, institutions and businesses had to adjust to ensure that they also thrived during the hard times. DWU was no exception.

Having several campuses all over the country, they had to find a way to run the establishments without having to physically send staff over.

The university advanced on technology by using Zoom to communicate with staff all over the country. They found it worked for them so even after the pandemic they’ve invested more into technology.

ICT aim to improve coverage

Minister for ICT, Timothy Masiu welcomed a cheque worth K4.83 million from the National Government for the new NBC installations in Hela and Jiwaka provinces, as well as improving the coverage of the national broadcaster in Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB).

He stated that the K4.83 million was initially approved by the O’Neil Government in 2018 to urgently establish radio and TV services in the two provinces and to extend the NBC coverage in AROB leading up to the referendum vote.

Embracing ICT SMEs in NCD

The event had a slow due to power outage. Despite is setback, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Information and Communication Science space set up booths and stalls and were ready to get the program going.

NCDC Manager for social Services, Kila Dick, shared that the idea was to encourage more women get into the SME sector.


Advancing ICT in Agriculture

In this context, Information Communication Technology (ICTs) offer enormous opportunities for enhanced agricultural innovation for food security, income, and economic growth.

ICT Release Draft Digital Plan

Department Secretary, Steven Matainaho, in a statement yesterday, 28th July informed all public bodies, stakeholders, and the general public of the release of the draft Digital Government Plan 2023-2027.

The draft Plan proposes to operationalize the key Government policy objectives as outlined in the:

Students Launch Cyber-Safety Video

The videos launch was to inform the organisation’s partners and stakeholders on the use of these videos and for public access on their social media platforms.

Ms. Joseph said the event was about three videos that they launched on Cyber-safety.

“What’s amazing about them is that we’ve had kids especially between the ages of 12 and 16 who have taken part in creating these videos. Why this connects to the work EPF does is that we are really concerned about the protection of children, not just physically but online as well,” said Ms. Joseph.

NICTA Renews Digicel Operating Licenses

Minister for Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) Timothy Masiu presented the licenses to Digicel PNG CEO, Colin Stone, in Port Moresby today.

The renewed ICT operator licenses are viable for the next 15 years. The two licenses granted to Digicel PNG are the gateway service license and individual network license.

Minister Masiu used the ceremony to promote the Marape-Basil Government’s position based on the ‘Take Back PNG’ intent.

He emphasized that the Take Back slogan is about national content and participation.