ENB outlines ICT action plan

East New Britain has a Provincial Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Action Plan in place.

It has a list of activities that need to be implemented in line with standards set by the Department of ICT.

ENB Deputy Provincial Administrator for Corporate Services, Marakan Uvano, made this known during the opening of the three-day New Guinea Islands ICT regional consultation yesterday.

“Our main activity that is currently underway in the province is the engagement of a consultant to create a website for the provincial government, the four districts and the 18-plus LLGs,” Uvano said.

He further assured that the ENB provincial government, through its administration, will continue to adhere to standards and guidelines of the policies under the National ICT Department.

“We are part of the global community so we need to keep up with the rate of technological innovation and globalisation, or else we will be left behind,” he iterated.

Uvano stressed that the government has been challenged by technology, which should change the way government conducts business in this day and age. 

Loop author