Gordon Police station

Police opens FSVU office

The National Capital District Metropolitan Superintend Chief Inspector Silva Sika when officially opening the FSVU of on Thursday 7th of February, 2023 called on victims of violence in the family and others to make use of the facility.

MetSupt Sika thanked the partners who assisted in building the office space and donation of materials that will be used when attending to complaints.

Cop convicted for unlawful use of vehicle

Joshua Kraip was found guilty of using a stolen motor vehicle on March 10, 2016 from the Gordon Police station to the Morata police barracks. He said he did so to retrieve his notebook that contained the details of the man who is alleged to have sold the vehicle to him earlier.

The vehicle belonging to Camilus Narokobi and was stolen from his wife on  Feb 16 last year.

The vehicle’s registration number was changed and it was only discovered at the station that the vehicle was stolen.

Bystanders injured in Gordon police shootout

Loop PNG caught up with the two injured bystanders, Rodney Mes and Augusta Bigade, while they were being treated at the Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency ward.

Mes said he and his young daughter were trying to get on a bus 4 when the shooting occurred, while Begade was trying to walk towards a shop adjacent to the bus stop when she was hit.

Mes was injured on his left hand while Bigade suffered wounds on her right cheek and right back area.

Both are still nursing their wounds at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

No fatalities in the Gordon brawl

However, police are still monitoring the situation.

It is alleged that some drunkard youths who was believed to be children of police officers from the Gordon Police Barracks approached a young woman who had just got off from a PMV, snatched her hand bag and ran away.

However, informal market vendors and some of the bus drivers and crew fought back and chased the drunkard youths back into the police barracks.

The youths returned with some off-duty policemen who tried to fight back the vendors.

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Kokoda attack: Police now questioning aspects of claims by two tourists

Police in Papua New Guinea say doubts have been raised about the claims of a British man and American woman who were attacked on the Kokoda Track last week.



Women in cell for assault

Gordons police keep on toiling

This was stressed this morning by Inspector Mark Mosinakave when they received a donation of new tyres from a local tour business.

Mosinakave says the precincts covers a vast area and caters for a population of 300,000 living within the area.

He commended his officers that work despite critics and says that they go out of their way at times to ensure  that there is a  law and order presence in the area.

At present the station has only one operational vehicle, Mosinakave says that the other one is now at the workshop for repair.