Police Officer

Cop committed for trial over attempted murder claim

Gabriel Gal of Minji, Jiwaka, was arrested on 6 September 2017 and charged with the armed robbery and attempted murder of Francis Essy on 4 November 2014, while in the company of other police officers.

Essy was returning from a birthday party with three students around 3am when he was assaulted and robbed, allegedly by Gal and others while trying to get fuel at the Manu Service Station.

He identified Gal as the person who punched him in the face and hit his head with a stone.

Cop convicted for unlawful use of vehicle

Joshua Kraip was found guilty of using a stolen motor vehicle on March 10, 2016 from the Gordon Police station to the Morata police barracks. He said he did so to retrieve his notebook that contained the details of the man who is alleged to have sold the vehicle to him earlier.

The vehicle belonging to Camilus Narokobi and was stolen from his wife on  Feb 16 last year.

The vehicle’s registration number was changed and it was only discovered at the station that the vehicle was stolen.

Police officer arrested for murder

44-year-old Steven Numbos of Kragut village, Wewak, East Sepik province, went before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli on Wednesday. His charge was read and explained to him before his case was adjourned for another month, to give police crime investigators time to investigate allegations against him.

Charged with wilful murder on Dec 30, 2016, police allege Numbos shot a man, known to the court as Ija Mulugu, using a high-powered rifle.

VIDEO: Police officer threatens migrants with knife

Mohammed Riski, a Syrian migrant from Yefrin who arrived seven days ago said "there are thousands of people here (on the island). Everyday comes about 1,000 people and they give everyday paper for 200 people, 300 people and so many people are sleeping in the streets. All of the hotels are full. There are no toilets or any services. Just the water - thank you."

Two suspects arrested in police murder

The two, one from Manus and one from Central Province, will be charged with murder for the killing of the Chimbu-born constable who was attached with Mobil Squad 2 based at the McGregor barracks while the constable’s male relative is still recovering at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

NCD Central Commander Jerry Frank tells PNG Loop that the shooting took place late Friday night when the police men and some mates of his tried to hitch a ride from the Vanuatu junction back to McGregor barracks.