Gordon Police Barracks

Mobile squad units secure barracks

Commander of NCD Barracks, John Daviaga, told Loop PNG that tenants have been intimidating the workmen, hence the security measure.

“After this, we’ll have the water and power disconnected,” Daviaga said.

“Everyone should vacate this place by this afternoon.

“Whoever defies the Police Commissioner’s directive will be dealt with severely.”

Police officers will be dealt with: N’Dranou

The barricade had caused inconvenience for commuters, especially police vehicles that needed to refill at the police service station.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, warned on Friday during a brief that disciplinary actions will be taken against officers who took part in the protest.

N’Dranou went on to say that no one, even any officer of the law, is above the law and once these officers are identified, they will be dealt with accordingly.


The houses belong to senior officers of the police hierarchy.

The residences have been flooded since last Thursday.

At this stage it is unclear whether the deluge is caused by a blockage or improper drainage.

However, residents believe the flooding may be due to the lack of proper drainage as they claim the main drain has been clogged up.

The families have raised concerns that this is a barracks that caters for officers of law and order but yet, they live in degrading conditions.

New Bomana barracks tenants given 30 days to vacate

The police union had taken the matter on board prior to the current situation by holding discussions with the Chief Secretary regarding the houses at Bomana, the consequences of the non- completion of the houses and the consequences of what would follow.

President Lowa Tambua said this is not the first time this issue of police housing has been brought up and the Police Commissioner has also been time and again raising this issue with the government to pay up the bills to Red Sea.

Gordon Police Barracks to be relocated

This will mean finding land, rebuilding and relocating those currently living at the single and married quarters of the barracks.

“I am not looking at refurbishing Gordon’s anymore. I’m seriously contemplating the idea of relocating Gordon’s,” he told reporters in Port Moresby this week.

He has proposed moving officers to the Bomana Police Barracks but only officers with proper records and those legally married will be allocated houses at Bomana.

 “I want the policemen to move out of Gordon’s by January,” he added, when asked how soon they will be moved.

No fatalities in the Gordon brawl

However, police are still monitoring the situation.

It is alleged that some drunkard youths who was believed to be children of police officers from the Gordon Police Barracks approached a young woman who had just got off from a PMV, snatched her hand bag and ran away.

However, informal market vendors and some of the bus drivers and crew fought back and chased the drunkard youths back into the police barracks.

The youths returned with some off-duty policemen who tried to fight back the vendors.