Cop convicted for unlawful use of vehicle

A police officer from the Gordon Police station has been convicted for unlawfully using a motor vehicle that was stolen early last year.

Joshua Kraip was found guilty of using a stolen motor vehicle on March 10, 2016 from the Gordon Police station to the Morata police barracks. He said he did so to retrieve his notebook that contained the details of the man who is alleged to have sold the vehicle to him earlier.

The vehicle belonging to Camilus Narokobi and was stolen from his wife on  Feb 16 last year.

The vehicle’s registration number was changed and it was only discovered at the station that the vehicle was stolen.

The court found that Instead of impounding the vehicle at the station after it was brought in, he drove it home to get his notebook that contained the particulars of the man brought it in and who was supposedly his relative.

Kraip, 24, from Western Highlands apologised to the court as well as the owner of the vehicle after the court convicted him.

During submissions of sentence, his lawyer asked the National Court to impose a non- custodial sentence because he was willing to pay compensation of K2,000 to the owner of the vehicle.

Alternatively, they asked for six months jail term to be suspended if the court decides to impose a custodial sentence.

The maximum penalty for such offense is five years.

The State suggested a term of 1-3 years jail term saying he is a cop and must have a high duty care to society.

The court reserved its sentence after the submissions.

Sally Pokiton