CPL Group

“We’ll get through this together,” says CPL

On Friday, January 12, main shopping centres in the city opened their doors to shoppers. One such step, needed to encourage the restoration of normalcy to scared residents and citizens alike.

CPL Group opened up doors to Stop & Shop Waigani Central, Town, Boroko and Airways along with City Pharmacy Waigani Drive, Boroko and Vision City, despite suffering major losses in Wednesday’s riots.

CPL Group resilient amid turmoil

CPL houses renowned brands like Stop & Shop, City Pharmacy, Hardware Haus, Bon Café, Fresh Express, City Pharmacy Medical & Lab Supplies, Real Rewards Plus, Jacks of PNG, and Prouds (PNG).

Stan Joyce, the CPL Board spokesperson, expressed deep concern over the testing of the rule of law, emphasising the need for citizens to unite against lawlessness.

Despite the grim situation, Joyce highlighted the resilience ingrained in CPL, attributing it to the dedicated staff who swiftly protected assets during the turmoil.


PNGOC supports sponsors in difficult times

In a message addressed to sponsors, partners and friends at the Brian Bell Group, CPL Group - PNG, and PNG Nambawan Trophy Limited, the PNGOC emphasises the sponsors' role not only as financial backers but as an integral part of the extended Olympic family.

Facing shared challenges, they stand united, fortified by a bond that goes beyond mere sponsorship.

Encouraging their followers and the broader community to join in, the Committee pledges solidarity as their sponsors embark on the journey of recovery.

Empowering girls through menstrual support

The focus of their efforts was to empower young girls in Papua New Guinea and address the existing challenges surrounding menstrual hygiene.

Despite being a natural aspect of life, menstruation continues to be accompanied by taboos and stigma in many communities. This hinders access to crucial information, necessary products, and proper facilities for menstrual health. Unfortunately, in Papua New Guinea, this lack of access leads to around two out of three girls missing several days of school each month.

Establish effective consultation process: Raju

Raju’s statement follows decisions by the government including imposing public holidays and the recent liquor ban, which need a more effective consultation process.

According to Mr. Raju, sudden announcements of public holidays or restrictions on liquor trading without prior consultation can have severe economic consequences, leading to significant losses for businesses.

Roots Festival celebrates local farmers

The company is excited to announce the return of the Roots Festival in 2023, hosted by its supermarket brand, Stop & Shop.

The Roots Festival is a celebration of the farmers who supply local produce, particularly root crops such as kaukau (sweet potato), taro, yam, radishes, carrots, and many more, to Stop & Shop supermarkets in Port Moresby.

CRU's 70K Gold sponsorship

The partnership was made official in a mock-cheque presentation in Port Moresby.

The sponsorship aims to promote teamwork and healthy and active lifestyles through sport and Stop & Shop brand.

CPL Group CEO Navin Raju said: “For any sport to do well in the nation you need to have strong foundations and what we’ve found is that CRU has got very strong foundation in terms of the committee, in terms of the people that are involved in running this program and also in terms of the strategy they have in developing our talent.

CPL Launches Lae Medical & Lab Supplies

The event was attended by medical professionals and industry partners at the Lae International Hotel, who expressed their enthusiasm and warm welcome to the new brand.

CPL Group acquired City Pharmacy Medical & Lab Supplies two years ago from EBOS Group, a leading Australasian medical, pet & health supplier.

With over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical business, CPL Group has established itself as a provider of quality sales and after-sales service of medical and laboratory equipment to Papua New Guinea's healthcare system.

CPL records strong financial results

The Group's profit after tax was K15.5m, despite challenging business conditions and disruptions due to Papua New Guinea's National Elections.

City Pharmacy Limited, the parent company consisting of pharmacy outlets across Papua New Guinea and Stop & Shop Supermarkets in Port Moresby, achieved a revenue growth of 5.1 percent.

CPL Partners with Madang PHA in pharmacy project

As part of the partnership, CPL Group will build and manage a new City Pharmacy branch on the premises of the Madang Provincial Hospital, as allocated by MaPHA.

Once constructed and opened, the new pharmacy will bring healthcare retail services closer to hospital patients, residents, staff, and the public in surrounding communities. The estimated cost of the project is K2 million.

The MoU signing event was attended by Fidelis Waipma, Madang PHA CEO, Nazar Shaffee, CPL General Manager Finance, and Pradeep Panda, Head of City Pharmacy.