Brian Bell Group

No sale of returned items

Brian Bell Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cameron Mackellar confirms this. He says the Group has full inventory knowledge of what was in their warehouse prior to it being stolen and then burnt to the ground.

“Those responsible we hope are being pursued by the police, there is so much footage available on social media showing hundreds of people stealing all of the product,” Mackellar said.

The CEO clarifies that although stolen products have been returned or retrieved by police and others out of guilt. None of it will go on the shelves of their stores.

PNGOC supports sponsors in difficult times

In a message addressed to sponsors, partners and friends at the Brian Bell Group, CPL Group - PNG, and PNG Nambawan Trophy Limited, the PNGOC emphasises the sponsors' role not only as financial backers but as an integral part of the extended Olympic family.

Facing shared challenges, they stand united, fortified by a bond that goes beyond mere sponsorship.

Encouraging their followers and the broader community to join in, the Committee pledges solidarity as their sponsors embark on the journey of recovery.

Brian Bell’s K50 million warehouse looted, burned

For over 60 years, Brian Bell Group has thrived in Papua New Guinea. With 16 retails stores, 6 trade centres, a residential development and over 1,300 team members. The Group is the largest business of its kind with a mission and a scale to improve the lives for Papua New Guineans.

Yesterday, only 10 days into the new year, 2024, our nation’s capital faced chaos that saw hundreds of millions of kina worth of store goods ransacked from countless stores, buildings burnt, private property destroyed, multiple injuries and unconfirmed deaths.

Auction Raises Over K200,000

A total of K229,500 was raised at the auction with 15,300 T-shirts sold.

The three top bidders were:

  1. PNG Rugby Union – Purchasing 1500 T-shirts, K22,500
  2. Homa Security Services - 1400 T-shirts, K21,000 and;
  3. Brian Bell Group – 1300 T-shirts for K19,500.

Trukai Fun Run Auctions is one of two major fundraising events for the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC) held annually to raise funds for Team PNG to participate at international sporting events such as the Pacific, Commonwealth and Olympic games.

Namah Congratulates Brian Bell Group

The company announced that the acquisition of the company was completed end of last.

Namah said: “It is a proud moment for Papua New Guinea when the Brian Bell Group steps outside of PNG for the first time in 63 years.

“Brian Bell is synonymous with provision of quality goods and series across a wide range of products from agriculture goods to digital services.

New paper bag product launched

CEO Cameron Mackellar said the organisation has been in talks with responsible state agencies on how it can contribute to conservation work, and has opted to use paper bags instead of the single use plastic bags.

The introduction of paper bags by Brian Bell Group of companies saves the environment of having to deal with 1 million plastic bags that Brian Bell has been issuing to its customers per year.

Restoration packs for quake-impacted areas

The packs, which contain digging and cutting tools, crop seeds and water storage equipment, were funded by the Brian Bell Group and proceeds from an earthquake response sale held in April this year.

Oil Search Foundation assisted Brian Bell coordinate the distribution using Oil Search logistics capabilities. Helicopters helped to deliver packs to remote communities not linked by roads.

An OSF manager overseeing the distribution, Jenny Alpa, said communities were appreciative of the gift from the Brian Bell Group.