Restoration packs for quake-impacted areas

Oil Search Foundation (OSF) has assisted the Brian Bell Group distribute over 1,500 restoration packs as part of its donation to communities affected from the PNG Highlands earthquake in February.

The packs, which contain digging and cutting tools, crop seeds and water storage equipment, were funded by the Brian Bell Group and proceeds from an earthquake response sale held in April this year.

Oil Search Foundation assisted Brian Bell coordinate the distribution using Oil Search logistics capabilities. Helicopters helped to deliver packs to remote communities not linked by roads.

An OSF manager overseeing the distribution, Jenny Alpa, said communities were appreciative of the gift from the Brian Bell Group.

“Recipients were grateful for the packs provided which contained supplies needed to rebuild their homes and gardens,” stated Alpa.

Brian Bell Group Chairman, Ian Clough, acknowledged the support of their customers and thanked OSF and Oil Search for assisting with the distribution.

“As a proud Papua New Guinean company that has been part of the community for over 60 years, we feel responsible to contribute in whatever way we can to help the response when natural disasters such as the PNG Highlands earthquake occur.  

“I acknowledge all of our many customers who shopped with us during the earthquake appeal sales day on Friday 13th April this year and the OSF team for supporting distribution.”

The earthquake appeal sales day in April was dedicated to raising funds to assist affected communities.

Cameron Mackellar, Brian Bell Group Chief Executive Officer, joined in thanking the Foundation and all others involved in the distribution of these vital tools and equipment to help people get back on their feet.

"It would simply not have happened without the wonderful support and logistics capabilities of Oil Search and partners. We thank them very much and this has clearly made a significant difference to many families," Mackellar said.

A lot of families lost homes and food gardens as a result of the 7.5 magnitude PNG Highlands earthquake on the 26 of February this year. 

While government, development partners and other organisations have assisted in the relief effort, it will take time for many families to recover from the devastation.

The remote and rugged terrain and lack of roads to remote communities in earthquake ravaged areas have made it difficult to reach and provide support to those most in need. 

The use of Oil Search’s Moro base and the company’s logistic capabilities greatly assisted in the efforts.

The Oil Search Foundation is currently supporting restoration work to aid the recovery process.

(The Yalanada community gather to receive restoration packs from OSF staff.  A helicopter was used to drop off the distribution team and items)

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