PNG Rugby Union

PNG Rugby Union announces women’s 7s team

Chairman Syd Yates said coach Paul Tietjens has given the wider training squad, which has been in intense training since returning from the April Hong Kong 7s, every opportunity to make the final team.

Injuries, fitness levels, performance in game situation, attitude on and off the field, commitment and dedication to training, were among the factors that were used to name the final team.

Tkatchenko clarifies involvement with PNG Rugby Union

Tkatchenko said that he received a letter from World Rugby hand delivered last week and not directly sent to him.

The letter stated that World Rugby doesn’t appreciate political interference in decision making or in any part of rugby union in PNG.

Tkatchenko came out in the media and clarified that he has never got involved personally with rugby union.

Tkatchenko said: “I want to clarify that I have never interfered with rugby union at all in the administration, management or the running of the game.

PNG and Argentina to sign deal for rugby talent

This was announced by Minister for Sports, APEC and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko.

“The details are still yet to be concreted, but the whole incentive is there to make it happen,” said Tkatchenko.

He said it was a surprise move by the Argentinean Ambassador to PNG, Hugo Javier, who pitched the idea to Tkatchenko.

The Ambassador said there could space available for up to four talented rugby prospects from PNG in their country.