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Japan fans impress by cleaning up stadium

Japanese fans certainly had reason to go wild on Tuesday night. Their side won their opening game, beating Colombia 2-1, and securing the team's first victory against a South American side.

But after the team swept Colombia off the pitch, Japanese fans also did their share of sweeping: meticulously cleaning up their rows and seats in the stadium.

Equipped with large rubbish bags they brought along, the fans marched through the rows picking up rubbish, to leave the place just as neat as they had found it.

Gordons police tackle dirty streets

Leading the charge, was OIC Beat, Charles Pokom who explained that the initiative was to ensure that the police create awareness about keeping the streets clean not just in terms of law and order but also in appearance.

Pokom says that usually the community in the nation’s capital have a bad impression of the Gordons bus stop and surrounding shop areas, he says this will now be a thing of the past.

This initiative is a station concept that the Gordons Beat came up with to help clear up previous mis-conceptions as well as set the new more positive tone for the area.

Business houses urged to take on clean-up campaign

The campaign is an initiative of the Sustainable Coastlines PNG (SCPNG) in partnership with the National Capital District Commission and runs from October 17 to November 13.

The campaign will involve clean-up events for registered groups throughout the four week period.

SCPNG founder and chief executive officer Ryley Webster said this is a fantastic opportunity to involve businesses and staff in meaningful and educational activities.

Webster said these activities will contribute to improved environmental and social outcomes.

Soldiers and cops clean up Mount Hagen

In total 99 personnel took part in the cleanup exercise that was aimed to give back to the community, after the forces had been living in the community for the past 6 months.

The soldiers were sent there to look after the road from Lae to Koroba Kopiago along the Highlands Highway.

At about 5:30am, 49 soldiers along with 50 police officers cleaned up from the Tarangau estate where the military base was located through to the Hagen main market and Hagen CBD.