Business houses urged to take on clean-up campaign

Business houses in Port Moresby are encouraged to register for the new ‘Clean-up Mosbi Campaign’.

The campaign is an initiative of the Sustainable Coastlines PNG (SCPNG) in partnership with the National Capital District Commission and runs from October 17 to November 13.

The campaign will involve clean-up events for registered groups throughout the four week period.

SCPNG founder and chief executive officer Ryley Webster said this is a fantastic opportunity to involve businesses and staff in meaningful and educational activities.

Webster said these activities will contribute to improved environmental and social outcomes.

There are three options to involve businesses in the campaign.

Webster explained that these investments can be through provision of services in-kind or financial support or a combination of both to be mutually agreed upon.

Businesses can investment K10,000 for a ‘campaign sponsor’ status.

For an investment of K2,500, businesses will be offered a ‘tailored clean-up package’ to be conducted on a date of their choosing during the campaign.

Businesses can also take part in the free of charge ‘DIY clean-up’ that can also be done on a date of their choosing during the campaign.

The campaign will also involve nine high profile public awareness events at locations around NCDC, a major public awareness campaign.

Quintina Naime