Gordons police tackle dirty streets

The usual dirty Gordons bus stop was a hub of activity this morning as police from the neighborhood took to the streets to carry out a massive community clean up.

Leading the charge, was OIC Beat, Charles Pokom who explained that the initiative was to ensure that the police create awareness about keeping the streets clean not just in terms of law and order but also in appearance.

Pokom says that usually the community in the nation’s capital have a bad impression of the Gordons bus stop and surrounding shop areas, he says this will now be a thing of the past.

This initiative is a station concept that the Gordons Beat came up with to help clear up previous mis-conceptions as well as set the new more positive tone for the area.

The clean up started at 4am and gained momentum as members of the community also pitched in to help clean up debris left over from the recent heavy rains.

The police will be carrying out weekly clean ups on Wednesday’s and have so far approached business houses to help assist with tools such as rakes, gloves, wheel burrows and tenths.

Pokom hopes that the example that they set can pass onto other stations around the city as well.

“Policing is about more than just law and order it is also about creating awareness about changing mindsets of the community as a whole”, he encouraged.

Pokom further appealed to interested individuals or business houses who would like to help to visit them at the Gordons station or call him on 75322264.

Julianna Waeda