Soldiers and cops clean up Mount Hagen

This morning defence and police officers were involved in a positive show to join forces and clean up Mount Hagen City.

In total 99 personnel took part in the cleanup exercise that was aimed to give back to the community, after the forces had been living in the community for the past 6 months.

The soldiers were sent there to look after the road from Lae to Koroba Kopiago along the Highlands Highway.

At about 5:30am, 49 soldiers along with 50 police officers cleaned up from the Tarangau estate where the military base was located through to the Hagen main market and Hagen CBD.

Police started at Tarangau, joining the police at the Hagen IEA School to clean through the community shopping centre.

The army group was led by Contingent Commander Lieutenant Emmanuel Rama while the police were led by the Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Martin Lakari.

The cleanup was sponsored by the Hagen City authority along with business houses as well as private organizations and citizens.

Meanwhile after the clean up the day ended with a BBQ hosted at the Kimininga police barracks.


Pictures by Philip Waibauru




Titi Gabi