Chris Kunyanban

Protect PNG businesses: Lae Police

Chief Superintendent Kunyanban made this statement when confirming that a 20-foot container carrying fake Waswas soap was intercepted and kept at the Top Town police station on Friday, March 17th.

“If people start doing counterfeits, the government should have very strict and stringent law protecting the interest of business houses in this country,” he stated.

“That’s a national security issue on the economic aspect of things.”

Police to probe origin of grenade

The hand grenade was removed from a suspect’s pocket after they were apprehended on Saturday night.

“The grenade is not used by police; it’s used by the military and investigations will definitely continue to find out the source of that grenade,” said Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban.

Court summons officers

The officers, who are from a police station within the Lae metropolitan command, will face the court next month over their purported involvement in cannabis trading.

“A suspect was apprehended with a substantial amount of drug. He was charged, and he appeared before the court where he told the court that the drug actually belonged to one of the policemen, given to him by three policemen,” revealed chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban.

“So the court ordered that the three policemen will go before the magistrate to explain if actually the drug was given.

Settlers fight over land, two killed

The fight stemmed from a land grabbing incident between two settlers at Five-Mile.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said the Five-Mile ethnic clash started on Sunday when a Wabag man attempted to grab an area within a rice field that had already been claimed by a Goroka man.

Whilst arguing, the Wabag took his knife and slashed another Goroka man. The 31-year-old died instantly. 

Residents cautioned of new criminal trends

Chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said petty criminals are changing tactics, especially at the main bus stops.

Commuters in Lae have been warned to remain vigilant as petty criminals have now changed the way they conduct their activities due to constant police presence and CCTVs.

Kunyanban said petty thieves sometimes pose as PMV bus drivers or crew, where they stand near buses and call out the route. Commuters, believing their scam, would lower their guard. Once the bus drives off, the thugs would turn on the nearby commuters and rob them.

Lae leaders urged to assist police

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, issued this appeal in his New Year message.

The Lae metropolitan command will begin its New Year operations starting at 6pm this evening and ending at 6am on January 1st, 2021.

They will be visiting every suburb and especially the settlements to ensure residents peacefully welcome the New Year.

Considering their limited logistics and manpower, Kunyanban is calling on the community to help them.

Lae police urge stakeholder cooperation

The more people that move into the cities, more pressure is put on the limited police resources.

Petty crimes have always been a problem in urban centres. Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said for PNG’s second largest city, one police officer is serving 450 people.

The high influx of people coming into the city places a great strain on police manpower and logistics.

Frustrated Lae residents petition police

Today, concerned members presented a petition to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, giving the law enforcers 14 days to respond to their demands.

A petition calling for immediate police action against petty criminals at bus stops was handed to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban.

The petition had 712 signatures on paper, while social media support is still pouring in.

Suspected gang leader found dead

Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, described the young Sepik man as a “habitual break-and-enter suspect”.

Lae police found his body at the back of CASA Hardware, at Snackbar, on Monday August 10th.

Kunyanban said the deceased’s modus operandi involves targeting two buildings at one time.

“Investigation is still underway to confirm the cause of death and also to see what had transpired that night in the other building,” stated Kunyanban.

“We also found out that the same guy entered Big Rooster before he went over to CASA.”

Holding cells overcrowded: Lae police

Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said this was a factor behind a recent escape from the cells.

Kunyanban said detainees recently cut through the Lae holding cells fence and escaped when they were taken out to have their shower.

And while the fence has been fixed, the problem still remains; and that is overcrowding.

Kunyanban said while those who escaped were held for minor crimes, the cells also have people who have been remanded as well as convicted prisoners.