Lae metropolitan command

Court summons officers

The officers, who are from a police station within the Lae metropolitan command, will face the court next month over their purported involvement in cannabis trading.

“A suspect was apprehended with a substantial amount of drug. He was charged, and he appeared before the court where he told the court that the drug actually belonged to one of the policemen, given to him by three policemen,” revealed chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban.

“So the court ordered that the three policemen will go before the magistrate to explain if actually the drug was given.

Holding cells overcrowded: Lae police

Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said this was a factor behind a recent escape from the cells.

Kunyanban said detainees recently cut through the Lae holding cells fence and escaped when they were taken out to have their shower.

And while the fence has been fixed, the problem still remains; and that is overcrowding.

Kunyanban said while those who escaped were held for minor crimes, the cells also have people who have been remanded as well as convicted prisoners.

Lae command eyes new communications centre

This follows the installation of Police Emergency Toll Free number over a year ago, Facebook page and soon-to-be launched Police & Security radio networking.

In a statement, Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said he has been in close consultation with stakeholders to find ways to build a new communications centre.

“Police Operations room is manned 24/7 with rotational shifts. Members in this area coordinate daily Police Operations. The toll free number is catered for here,” said the chief superintendent.

Gang unknowingly attempts robbery on police

On Sunday, at about 3am, a Special Response Unit (SRU) 103 team was on routine patrol along Kamkumung road, in Lae, when they came across about five suspects.

The five suspects came out of Waterloo area and attempted an armed robbery on the patrol unit by blocking the road. 

“They ran away in all directions when they realised it was the Police,” said the Lae metropolitan command.