Chief Superintendent

Residents cautioned of new criminal trends

Chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said petty criminals are changing tactics, especially at the main bus stops.

Commuters in Lae have been warned to remain vigilant as petty criminals have now changed the way they conduct their activities due to constant police presence and CCTVs.

Kunyanban said petty thieves sometimes pose as PMV bus drivers or crew, where they stand near buses and call out the route. Commuters, believing their scam, would lower their guard. Once the bus drives off, the thugs would turn on the nearby commuters and rob them.

Buimo commanding officer farewelled

The commanding officer of PNG’s largest prison is finally calling it quits after over three decades of service.

From Amoa village in Morobe’s Huon Gulf district, Chief Superintendent Tara joined the PNG Correctional Service on July 21st, 1986.

NCD urged to take action

NCD police are urging residents to take ownership, stand together and help fight crime.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent made the call after he was informed of a social media post regarding the attempted abduction of a woman at Six-Mile on Sunday.

However, the Boroko Police Station nor the Six-Mile precinct have anything on file regarding the incident.

Chief superintendent Perou N’Dranou said while he is yet to receive a report on the matter, he wants the residents to take a stand against such incidents.

Sexual assault of minors still a concern

The NCD metropolitan superintendent says plans are already in place for policing strategies for 2019.

Chief superintendent Perou N’Dranou says the Police Commissioner’s annual conference late last year has given them the mandate to enforce changes.

He highlighted that one of the concern areas for 2018 was the sexual assault of minors.

“We’ve been working on it,” he said. “We saw some improvements at the end of the year (2018) and we tend to work more on it.”

Man charged over Enga mass killing

Enga Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop, said the 65 year old from Aiyaka village has appeared in court and is now in CS custody.

Yak Kegai, aged 65 of Aiyaka village in Laiagam district, was being charged with one count of wilful murder.

He appeared at the Wabag District Court last week where he was arraigned and is now remanded at Baisu Prison Camp, WHP, awaiting his next hearing when court resumes in January 2019.

SHP commended for improvement in crime rate

Papoto said the Office of the Crime Division in Port Moresby reported that Southern Highlands Province alone achieved a 90 per cent rating for successfully prosecuting and convicting major crimes in the province.

He attributed this success to the support provided to the police by the provincial government over the years.