Court summons officers

Three police officers in Lae have been summoned to explain in court their role in a drug case.

The officers, who are from a police station within the Lae metropolitan command, will face the court next month over their purported involvement in cannabis trading.

“A suspect was apprehended with a substantial amount of drug. He was charged, and he appeared before the court where he told the court that the drug actually belonged to one of the policemen, given to him by three policemen,” revealed chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban.

“So the court ordered that the three policemen will go before the magistrate to explain if actually the drug was given.

“And let me remind the public that we’re all under the same law. So if somebody’s wrong then let the court decide.”

Kunyanban said if found guilty, the law enforcers will be dealt with administratively as well.

“We will not entertain any corrupt practice by police officers.”

Carmella Gware