Residents cautioned of new criminal trends

Lae residents have been warned of new trends in criminal activities.

Chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said petty criminals are changing tactics, especially at the main bus stops.

Commuters in Lae have been warned to remain vigilant as petty criminals have now changed the way they conduct their activities due to constant police presence and CCTVs.

Kunyanban said petty thieves sometimes pose as PMV bus drivers or crew, where they stand near buses and call out the route. Commuters, believing their scam, would lower their guard. Once the bus drives off, the thugs would turn on the nearby commuters and rob them.

“The other thing they’re doing now is, they’re following people,” said the head of Lae police.

“They will see that if you come down from the bus and they suspect that you have a lot of money or valuables in your bilum or bag, they will follow you to locations that are isolated from people, or a blind spot from the CCTV, then they will conduct their business.”

The chief superintendent said they have received reports of people getting attacked in isolated areas, which is adding pressure on the already strained manpower.

Lae police will do their best to counter these illegal activities, whilst also urging residents to be aware of their surroundings.

(Chief superintendent Chris Kunyanban)

Carmella Gware