Counterfeit products

Directions issued to fake soap defendants

Senior Provincial Magistrate, Pious Tapil, gave the direction after 40-year-old Yan Xiao of Hubei Village in Wuhan, China, and 33-year-old Neng Xiao of Central China appeared before him at the Committal Court on Friday, March 24th.

Yan is the commercial manager of Golden Blocks Ltd while Neng is the manager of the warehouse where the counterfeit soaps were allegedly stored.

The two women have been charged with ‘counterfeiting trade marks’ under section 477, subsection 2(b) of the ‘Criminal Code Act 1974’.

Catch the bad guys, Panamex tells Customs

Panamex Pacific (PNG) general manager, Erich Illemann, said this when a 20-foot container of fake Waswas soap was intercepted by Lae police on the night of Thursday, March 16th.

It is believed the fake products were bound for Mt Hagen, in Western Highlands Province.

Panamex invited PNG Customs officers to be part of the operation on Friday morning. However, Customs advised Panamex that since the container had left the wharf, it is now out of their jurisdiction.

Protect PNG businesses: Lae Police

Chief Superintendent Kunyanban made this statement when confirming that a 20-foot container carrying fake Waswas soap was intercepted and kept at the Top Town police station on Friday, March 17th.

“If people start doing counterfeits, the government should have very strict and stringent law protecting the interest of business houses in this country,” he stated.

“That’s a national security issue on the economic aspect of things.”

Lae police get tough on counterfeit products

He made this comment after Lae Police confiscated counterfeit shoes and charged a man of Asian origin.

The 690 shoes would have fetched a handsome K500, 000 if sold on the shelves. 

The original blue and grey-colored adult footwear are labelled as GM 23 GOLDMINE while the counterfeit children’s footwear is branded as GM 21 goldmine.

The shop was recently built and commenced operations on July 8, 2016.

Parents encouraged to avoid fake baby products

Panamex Pacific (PNG) Limited, a major distributor for PNG made products including Anchor, Softlove, and Was Was, is encouraging the public to start buying genuine baby products.

Panamex marketing manager Peter Narayan said they’ve recently received a lot of complaints from consumers about counterfeit baby products like diapers being sold in shops.

Narayan urged parents to look for prominent brands as counterfeit products can cause injuries to your babies.