Protect PNG businesses: Lae Police

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said stringent laws should be made to protect the interest of business houses in PNG.

Chief Superintendent Kunyanban made this statement when confirming that a 20-foot container carrying fake Waswas soap was intercepted and kept at the Top Town police station on Friday, March 17th.

“If people start doing counterfeits, the government should have very strict and stringent law protecting the interest of business houses in this country,” he stated.

“That’s a national security issue on the economic aspect of things.”

Kunyanban said while foreign exchange is the main issue that is affecting companies like Lae Biscuit and Panamex, counterfeit products are also on their list of concerns.

He believes local products are “not moving” because fake products are being circulated.

“So they cannot buy it from the main source, or the original source like Panamex, so the government has to be very serious in protecting the economy of this country, meaning to say that, if those people are involved in counterfeits and they are found, they have to be immediately deported and blacklisted.

“They should not enter the country anymore. And they should be heavily fined.”

Carmella Gware