Suspected gang leader found dead

A suspected gang leader was recently found dead in Lae, Morobe Province.

Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, described the young Sepik man as a “habitual break-and-enter suspect”.

Lae police found his body at the back of CASA Hardware, at Snackbar, on Monday August 10th.

Kunyanban said the deceased’s modus operandi involves targeting two buildings at one time.

“Investigation is still underway to confirm the cause of death and also to see what had transpired that night in the other building,” stated Kunyanban.

“We also found out that the same guy entered Big Rooster before he went over to CASA.”

Kunyanban said the deceased was responsible for the Payless break-in in 2018, including the Lae Secondary School incident where several computers were stolen.

“He was the team leader who was in charge of those break-and-enter suspects from Kamkumung who committed the crime in 2018. So his modus operandi was just him and another person; only two of them they operate.”

Lae police further reported the death of a male student, who was allegedly attacked by some youths at Boundary Road. The student was spending his weekend with his elder brother when he was killed.

Both cases are under investigation.

(The suspect’s body was found at the back of CASA Hardware)

Carmella Gware