Lae leaders urged to assist police

Community leaders in Lae have been urged to assist police by maintaining order within their respective areas.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, issued this appeal in his New Year message.

The Lae metropolitan command will begin its New Year operations starting at 6pm this evening and ending at 6am on January 1st, 2021.

They will be visiting every suburb and especially the settlements to ensure residents peacefully welcome the New Year.

Considering their limited logistics and manpower, Kunyanban is calling on the community to help them.

“For the celebrations and New Year, I would urge all the leaders and community leaders, families as well – fathers and mothers – to take control of their kids,” he said. “They shouldn’t be doing anything silly and they shouldn’t be committing any offence that will put them in trouble with the police.”

The police will be keeping an eye out on intoxicated individuals as well as ensuring the main roads are clear of debris.

For 2021, the metropolitan command will be reflecting on its achievements and downfalls.

Kunyanban outlined that one of the areas that would need polishing is customer service, where residents should visit the station instead of waiting for police response.

“We’d like to have, as much as possible, the victims or our customers coming to the station to lodge complaints,” he stated.

Their second area of improvement would be to ensure all officers and non-commissioned officers understand process and ways to correctly implement it within their respective units.

(Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban)


Carmella Gware