Teacher inspires through online art

A professional multimedia artist, Tandoa earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Queensland University of Technology through the Australia Awards Scholarship Program.

In the classroom and online she finds ways to make traditional culture relevant to new audiences.  By incorporating dance, music, and arts from the country’s diverse provinces into the curriculum, she is ensuring the next generation will value their heritage.

She disappears with the tide

It's the latest work of surfing artist Sean Yoro, who has a penchant for precarious surfaces, having previously painted on floating icebergs, remote waterside walls and tree bark in a rainy forest -- always using eco-friendly paints.


South Korean tattooists break the taboo of body art

Technically, only medical doctors are allowed to do tattooing. Mirae and Yo-Yo, two 25-year-old tattoo artists living and working in the capital, Seoul, are certainly not that.

Mirae is a part-time model with a keen interest in fashion; Yo-Yo used to work in clothes shops, before taking a working holiday to Australia, where she began to consider training as a tattoo artist.

HB Fire captured in art

‘Thinking of you, Hanuabada' is Feeger’s representation of the tragic fire of Hanuabada, inspired by photos posted online.

The 100 x 100cm acrylic on canvas painting retells the unfortunate event on Saturday, August 19, which destroyed 15 houses.

The painting sees the sun trying to break through the thick smoke from the burning houses. A few roofs and house posts still burning. Towards the backdrop is the rest of the village and Port Moresby's developing CBD.

It’s how to move!

He specialises in mime, especially French mime.

He is currently working with the UPNG School of Arts, helping students develop this technique.

Decol explains that miming is a gestures art.

“Between theatre and dance, we have mime,” he says.

“Sometimes there are more choreographic movements, but many theatre movements.”

By definition, mime is the art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures and bodily movements; pantomime.

Art student challenges ban on nipples

Central Saint Martins' Camila Gonzalez Corea says it's "sexist" and makes them into art instead.

She runs photos submitted to her through a programme and recreates them using emoji for The Nipple Act.

Many people think it's unfair that posts showing female nipples are censored and removed, but men's aren't.

The strict rules on social media regarding nudity is one of the reasons Camila says she started the page.

The 22-year-old's told Newsbeat: "I see nipples as a female organ which in my opinion can be seen as both sexual and not sexual.

These dirty vehicles have been turned into art

Russian artist Nikita Golubev has been turning other people's unwashed vehicles into works of art.

Using the name "ProBoyNick" he has drawn various designs in Moscow for the past two weeks and sharing his work online.

His first attempt picked up nearly 400 likes on Instagram.

He drew a smoking man's face on the back of the van and told his followers he was just "trying out some new techniques".

His most recent work scored over 2,000 with a process he calls #dirtpainting.

Selfies get the 'art' treatment

A photographer from Cambridge says selfies should be used in art after winning the #SAATCHISELFIE competition.

Dawn Woolley beat over 14,000 entries with her selfie, named The Substitute, which shows a man holding a 2D picture of a person in a bikini.

The pictures from all over Europe can now be seen at the Saatchi Gallery's Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition.

'I'm amazed and overwhelmed, it's quite a shock'

The afterlives of famous artists

What even fewer people realize is that following his death in 1973, it took six years -- and $30 million -- to settle matters between seven heirs and deal with his legacy.

When an established artist dies, what happens to the art? Family squabbles and long legal battles, often spanning decades, can paint a picture of greed that puts soap operas to shame.

French artist turns chicken for three-week egg hatching

How? By incubating 10 eggs with his own body heat.

He will live inside a glass vivarium until his charges hatch, watched by visitors to the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris.

Poincheval expects the process to last between 21 and 26 days.

"I will, broadly speaking, become a chicken," he said.

The artist, 44, began the performance - titled "Oeuf" (Egg) - on Wednesday.

Rather than sitting on the eggs directly, he is deploying a chair with a container under its seat.