Spectacular Gulf Toare Mask Festival

The Gulf Toare Mask Festival is ready to make a grand entrance this weekend, promising a louder, bigger, and more colorful experience for attendees.

The festival, supported by TotalEnergies PNG, is expected to draw an even larger crowd to the coastal village of Toare in Gulf Province on June 9th and 10th.

Long-time supporters, the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) and National Museum and Art Gallery, are partnering with the National Cultural Commission to ensure the success of the event. NCC Executive Director Steven Kilanda welcomed the support from TotalEnergies PNG, noting that it is the first resource company to assist a cultural event in such a significant way.

Kilanda emphasized the importance of investing in culture, as it directly impacts the local people who serve as the true custodians of their distinctive traditions and heritage.

On behalf of the government, the NCC and the people of Gulf Province, Kilanda encouraged TotalEnergies PNG to continue the partnership, then presented a K5000.00 cheque to the Chairman of the Toare Mask Gulf Festival committee, Ben Mica.

TotalEnergies PNG Managing Director Jean Marc Noiray expressed the company's enthusiasm for supporting cultural events and working alongside the NCC to enrich communities through community-oriented incentives and programs.

Noiray assured that TotalEnergies PNG would sustain its support for the festival and expressed his eagerness to witness the diverse and unique cultures of Toare Village firsthand.

However, Noiray explained that due to the global pandemic, the company was unable to support cultural events in 2021 and 2022. He emphasized the value of culture in fostering unity among people and communities, underscoring its significance as an essential element of Papua New Guinea's rich heritage.

The Festival Committee Chairman expressed his gratitude to the NCC, TotalEnergies PNG, TPA, and the Gulf Provincial Government for recognizing and valuing the importance of culture and its profound impact on communities.