Gulf Toare Mask Festival

Toare mask festival recognized

The local cultural event have held great performances showcasing Gulf’s unique masks through traditional performances over the years. 
At the festival in recognizing the cultural event, Minister for Art, Culture and Tourism, Isi Leonard on behalf of the National Cultural Commission declared the festival as a national event in the annual cultural calendar. 

This was marked by a presentation of certificate to the custodians of the festival with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Gulf Provincial Government and the NCC be made at a later date.

Spectacular Gulf Toare Mask Festival

The festival, supported by TotalEnergies PNG, is expected to draw an even larger crowd to the coastal village of Toare in Gulf Province on June 9th and 10th.

Long-time supporters, the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) and National Museum and Art Gallery, are partnering with the National Cultural Commission to ensure the success of the event. NCC Executive Director Steven Kilanda welcomed the support from TotalEnergies PNG, noting that it is the first resource company to assist a cultural event in such a significant way.