Billie Piper on going global with Yerma

As it ends its second theatre run in London, it's being broadcast live in cinemas globally.

A far cry from her pop star or Doctor Who days, it's an intense performance about a woman struggling to have a child.

It's the role which has won her five star reviews and a Laurence Olivier award.

With a massive smile on her face she says "it's a really prestigious award" - essentially the theatre version of an Academy Award or a Bafta.

It’s how to move!

He specialises in mime, especially French mime.

He is currently working with the UPNG School of Arts, helping students develop this technique.

Decol explains that miming is a gestures art.

“Between theatre and dance, we have mime,” he says.

“Sometimes there are more choreographic movements, but many theatre movements.”

By definition, mime is the art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures and bodily movements; pantomime.

PNG play proves popular

The play, set mostly on Misima Island in Milne Bay, tells the thousand-year-old legend of Sine Kepu, matriarch warrior and leader. It features witchcraft, intra-familial marriage, spear fighting and traditional song and dance.

Andrew Kuliniasi, the play’s 16-year-old writer and director, says he hopes Meisoga not only makes people from Milne Bay feel proud of their culture, but also Papua New Guineans.

Disney's first gay character and love scene

US actor Josh Gad plays LeFou, a sidekick of the film's main antagonist Gaston.

LeFou tries to come to terms with feelings for Gaston that swing between lust and admiration, as a side-plot to the main story.

When the first Beauty and the Beast trailer was released last year it had almost 130 million views in 24 hours.

Disney are calling it their first ever "exclusively gay moment" on film.