HB Fire

HB Fire: Fire service to work with community

“The fire service will be working with local authorities of Hanuabada as well as other families living in similar settings to try to improve fire safety,” Russell said.

He said the fire service cannot to regulate but they can recommend basic safety measures.

Russell added that hopefully from this experience, the Fire Service can get better corporation from communities where they live clustered together in order to achieve a better outcome in terms of fire safety.

“We will work with local leaders to help get the message across.”

New Independence initiative!

Rather than just doing another Independence concert, the Lamana Gold Club will give proceeds back to the local community.

Kumul Concert will be held annually on September 16, and each year, the club selects a local charity/ community appeal to assist.

Setting the trend this year, the first Kumul Concert's proceeds will be going towards the Hanuabada Fire Appeal.

HB Fire captured in art

‘Thinking of you, Hanuabada' is Feeger’s representation of the tragic fire of Hanuabada, inspired by photos posted online.

The 100 x 100cm acrylic on canvas painting retells the unfortunate event on Saturday, August 19, which destroyed 15 houses.

The painting sees the sun trying to break through the thick smoke from the burning houses. A few roofs and house posts still burning. Towards the backdrop is the rest of the village and Port Moresby's developing CBD.

HB Fire: Appeal group set up in Cairns

The appeal group is particularly seeking donations of clothing, toiletries, linen and kitchen items, which will be shipped to Port Moresby.

There will be a benefit concert on Saturday Sept 9, at Tigers Club, off Behan Street Manunda, starting at 6pm.

PNG food will be provided and tickets are $20.

Entertainment includes the popular local PNG/indigenous bands Kamali, Flavor, and Justin Wellington Sunset Raga.

Co-ordinator Olive Tau Davis said that the 200 people who have lost their homes and all of their possessions are in desperate need of assistance.

HB Fire: Fire report completed

Fire service lead investigator, Gabriel Paulus told Loop PNG that a full investigation has been done and completed.

However, Paulus said the full report will be released by the Chief of Fire Service, Bill Roo by this afternoon or tomorrow the latest.

He explains that he would not release any findings until unless the Chief of Fire has been briefed and releases details thereafter.

Meantime, Chief of Fire, Bill Roo upon being contacted confirmed this, saying he will release investigative findings after he has been briefed by his lead investigator.

HB Fire: Survivors progress on


Vagi Daera, a survivor of the first fire, confirms a number of school children, ranging from primary to secondary school, were among the affected.

He says organisations were quick to make sure the students got necessary supplies and school uniforms.

“The first week they were still traumatised so they didn’t attend school. They have all resumed school now,” he said.

Displaced women and children are the more vulnerable ones, during this time. But Mea Isaac says equal priority is given to see all their needs being met.


Adventist community aids HB fire survivors

The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Community Services (ACS) in Port Moresby have donated 15 bales of second-hand clothing, food items and kitchen utensils to the families who were affected.

The ACS, led by its NCD President, Veronica Baliki visited the families last weekend.

NCD ACS represents the Seventh-day Adventist Church in NCD and Central Province.

The ACS comprises mostly of simple, faithful and committed members in the church who have a heart of service in touching lives and making a difference.

Half a million raised from HB appeal

The appeal needs K2m more in order to reach the set target of K2.5 million.

This amount is to go towards rebuilding the houses and setting the families up with basic water and power needs.

While there is no set time frame to reach this target amount, co-chair of the appeal committee, Dadi Toka Jnr, says the main goal is to move families back into their homes.

“But it’s not all about the money,” says Toka Jnr.

Many organisations have visited the village with donations in kind, including food, water, generator sets, and many more.

VIDEO: HB no relocation

This is the clarification, following a misreport today by a local daily, hinting at the relocation of the villagers. 
The Hanuabada Village Fire Appeal Committee made the remark today during a media conference. 


Gloria Bauai with more 

HB Fire: Media reports clarified

From a news release issued on Friday, 25th August the Prime Minister’s expressed interest in the process of restoring residents affected by the recent Hanuabada fires to their homes following reconstruction.

This however was misinterpreted in some news reporting.

The Office of the Prime Minister clarified this reports stating that resettlement planning relates only to resettling people back into their homes, on their land, once re-construction is complete.