Wame Blood

K10,000 for education project

Managing director Marcus Palam Kara presented the cheque to Johnny Yawari of Wame Blood. The donation is in aid of Yawari's 'Concert for a Worthy Cause' dinner scheduled to take place on Friday, November 10 at the Hilton in Port Moresby.

Yawari who is organizing the corporate dinner to raise funds for the construction of a double-storey classroom in his hometown of Kutubu, Southern Highlands expressed his gratitude to Kara and his team for their commitment to education in the country.

Yawari’s concert for education

This event is part of Yawari's latest effort with the FOE Association, where he serves as chairman.

The project's main focus is on building a double-story classroom for Tanuga Community School, located in Nipa, Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province. The project has drawn the attention of various business houses.

Yawari is committed to Kutubu's development, and he has a 15-year plan that includes previous projects such as hospital infrastructure and aid posts.

Wame Blood goes Digital

The announcement is part of the Bands strategy to battle copyright issues where most of their music and videos are being shared online by other users who also gain financially from it.

The band announced this during the launching of their new song ‘Soro’ featuring local acts in Archie Tazie, Sprigga Mek and Stagajah.

In a media conference today, Wame Blood front man, Jonny Yawari, announced the bands new social media channels on Facebook, Youtube, Spotify.

He said the new digital channels aim to tackle the issue of copyright.

Roze steps out

Roze has been associated with the band since the hits Mangi Raunwara and Mt Lemina.

“Let me just get this straight…I’m my own artist,” says the rapper.

His music path started at the age of 17 when he featured B-Rad on the Yadisena remix and also released a couple of singles.

But his break came with Wame Blood’s Raunwara.

“With Mt Lemina, it just blew up even bigger. And gave me the platform to market myself,” he said.

Wame Blood performs live tonight

Taking the stage for a live performance, Wame Blood is set to make it a night like you’ve never seen before.

An Easter treat for fans and a blessing for National Souths Basketball League.

The event is a fundraiser for the 11th annual NSBL 2017 tournament, to be held from April 19-22 at the Taurama Aquatic Centre.

Wame Blood came on board, as a band, for the first time this year. However, the band’s front man Johnny Yawari had sponsored the tournament last year under his Foi landowner association.